PCs with dual-boot functionality are not a new concept. Many have tried creating products that run two operating systems out of the box but these products haven’t really caught on with the masses. Perhaps Samsung might fare better. It has been discovered that Samsung has patented a new mobile device that’s capable of running both Android and Windows Mobile.

Samsung has created a couple of smartphones that run Windows Mobile but now it’s almost exclusively an Android smartphone maker. Even the company’s own Tizen OS has largely been used in wearable or connected devices as only a couple of Tizen-powered smartphones have been released so far by Samsung.

The company applied for this patent last year, it details a mobile device which offers dual-booting of Android and Windows Mobile. The patent details that both operating systems would be usable simultaneously and that users will be able to jump between the two as simply as they would jump between two separate apps.

Users will also be able to drag and drop files across both operating systems on one device just as they would drag and drop a file from a folder. This sounds good on paper but the actual implementation of something like this would be tricky.

It’s unclear at this point in time if Samsung has done any serious work to take this idea from the paper to something that looks like a tangible product. Just because a company patents an idea doesn’t mean that it’s definitely going to make a product out of it.

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