Windows Phone 7It seems that phones in the past had more customizability than they do today. I remember being able to get customized logos which replaced the operator name on my Nokia 3310 and I also remember being able to customize my own ringtones on the phone itself, and set custom ringtones for different people. If you’ve used Windows Mobile devices in the past, it looks like the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 will be bringing a familiar feature back.

Windows Mobile users back in the day who installed the optional Microsoft Voice Command software pack, should be able to recall a particular feature that would allow the phone to announce the name or the number of the person calling. Sounds like a great feature especially when driving so that you don’t have to look down on your phone to see the name/number of whoever’s calling.

Well it appears that the feature will be making an appearance in the Mango update of Windows Phone 7, although it seems that it will require quite a bit of digging within the menu to get to it. Seems like Mango is shaping up to be a pretty interesting update.

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