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Windows Phone 7.8 Leaks For Lumia 800 And Lumia 510
Hmmm, we all know that Windows Phone 7.8 is well on its way, and sometimes, in the zeal of things, security measures surrounding an impending operating system update is not at its best – which could explain how Navifirm managed to get hold of a leaked copy of Windows Phone 7.8 (, where it is being made available to owners of the Nokia Lumia 800 (RM-801) and the Nokia Lumia […]

Nokia Reveals Windows Phone 7.8 Features
It seems that the good people over at Nokia has leaked out some inbound information, where highlights of the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 update is now made known to the masses. While most of us know that the home screen will be updated in order to accommodate a trio of new tile sizes, while doing away with the familiar side gutter, that is but the tip of the iceberg, as […]

Windows Phone 7.8 spotted on the Nokia Lumia 900
As some of you guys know by now, Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will only be making its way onto WP7.5 handsets come early 2013, somewhat of a bummer for WP7.5 owners especially since their devices will not be eligible for the update to WP8. Either way while a specific date of release has yet to be confirmed, a video was spotted recently where WP7.8 […]

Windows Phone 7.8 On Nokia Lumia 510?
The Nokia Lumia 510 is the first of Windows Phone-powered smartphones from Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia, and it has come some way, only to be superseded by the chart topping Nokia Lumia 920 – the new flagship for the label. Well, it seems that owners who are still rocking out to their Nokia Lumia 510 will be pleased to hear that there might just be an operating system update rolling […]


Windows Phone 7.8 has reportedly been released to manufacturers, update imminent? [Rumor]
We know that many Windows Phone owners were bummed when it was revealed that WP7.5 handsets will not be upgraded to WP8. Microsoft instead compromised by offering Wp7.5 users an update to WP7.8, an update that was scheduled for the end of the year. However last week it was suggested that WP7.8 would only be rolling out come Q1 of 2013 which could mean that there is still some way […]

Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone 7.8 seen in China?
According to, there is a sighting that could eventually be on par with that of spotting a unicorn or finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – although what our eyes see are a wee bit more believable. I am referring to the image from that points toward a Nokia Lumia 900 which runs on what many deem to be the official Windows Phone […]

HTC Titan receives Windows Phone 7.8 port
About a week ago, we reported that the HTC HD7 had received a beta Windows Phone 7.8 ROM. Well the good news is that if you own the HTC Titan, it seems that there is a Windows Phone 7.8 port available for you to download as well. Of course this is not the official release that Microsoft/HTC will be releasing, but for HTC Titan owners who are feeling slightly miffed […]

Leaked Windows Phone 7.8 ROM spotted on a Nokia Lumia 800
We’re sure that many Windows Phone users were disappointed and possibly angry to learn that their current Windows Phone devices will not be updated to Windows Phone 8, ultimately forcing them to upgrade (we’re hoping this will not be a trend with future Windows Phone iterations). However Micrsoft did “compromise” by offering current-gen Windows Phone devices to be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8, which basically introduces the update home screen […]

Windows Phone 7.8 update arriving on current generation Nokia Lumias soon?
Word on the Twitter-street has it that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be making its way to the existing crop of Windows Phone 7-powered handsets of the Nokia Lumia range, where a couple of tweets were spotted as you can read above. Just in case your eyesight fails you, we have made it more legible in a decent font size, where the first tweet stated, “Don’t forget, in all […]