AT&T Dell Venue Pro Mango update finally arrives

It’s been many months since the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 started rolling out but certain handsets have yet to receive it yet. Case in point – the Dell Venue Pro on AT&T. But for those of you who own that particular phone, we’ve got some good news for you. Microsoft has just announced today it has started delivering the update to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango for the Dell […]

Try Windows Phone 7 on your iOS/Android smartphone

If Microsoft’s recent $25 store credit promotion wasn’t enough to convince you to switch over to Windows Phone 7, maybe you’d like to get a hands-on experience with the operating system. Microsoft has recently put up a website that allows you to do just that. No, you don’t need to hack your phone or load a custom ROM; all you have to do is visit the website on your smartphone’s web […]

Jil Sander Mobile LG E906 now available in the UK

With Android getting a luxury brand smartphone of its own in the form of an LG and Prada collaboration, why should Windows Phone be left out of the loop, right? It seems that Expansys is now offering UK customers the chance to purchase an unlocked LG Jil Sander Mobile LG E906 Windows Phone handset for a price of £299.99 (~$466).

Nokia Drive app update in the works for offline support

One of the exclusive features that Nokia Window Phone devices have over other competing Windows Phone devices is its Nokia Drive app. The app is Nokia’s 3D satellite navigation system that allows for the user to download maps and store it for future use. However despite the ability to download maps, it would imply that it could be used for offline purposes, right? Wrong. It seems that while maps can […]


Nokia Lumia 601 leaked, is it for real?

It appears that the good folks down at PocketNow have managed to get their hands on what appears to be the Nokia Lumia 601. If you’re wondering why the image above looks so familiar, it’s because it’s the same image that popped up in a Nokia ad not too long ago. The phone in that ad was thought to be the Nokia 900, but PocketNow is saying that it is […]

Nokia Drive XAP leaked for unlocked non-Nokia devices

If there was ever a good reason to get a Nokia Windows Phone, as opposed to HTC or Samsung, it would be because Nokia Windows Phone devices will come with Nokia Drive preinstalled. This was supposed to be an exclusive feature for Nokia’s handsets to help set them apart from the competition and encourage adoption, but alas that does not seem to be the case as the Nokia Drive XAP […]

Buy a Windows Phone, get $25 worth of apps

One of the reasons why quite a number of people are reluctant to try a different operating system when it comes to getting a new phone is due to all the money invested into the current platform. After all, why would you want to re-buy apps on a different platform when you’ve already spent money on them right? Well, Microsoft is hoping to alleviate these issues with its latest promotion. […]

Windows Phone 7.5 update heading towards Samsung Focus 1.4

For AT&T customers who are rocking to a Samsung Focus 1.4 smartphone, here is a little bit of good news to end your week on a decent note – it seems that Windows Phone 7.5 updates will be rolling out for said smartphone, while the same update is also in the works for those who are using the Samsung Omnia 7 all the way across the pond – in Spain, […]

Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are getting positive responses

Nokia has recently launched their Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone devices in markets other than the US, so how are they holding up? Well, according to Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop, the response to these new Windows Phones from Nokia have been pretty good so far.

HTC updates HD7 and Mozart with internet sharing features

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 update brought the internet sharing feature to some of the newer Windows Phone devices. This was an exclusive feature limited to phones launched with Windows Phone 7.5 already installed, but a recent update by HTC that’s being pushed out to the HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart has brought this internet sharing feature to both the older Windows Phone models.It seems that HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart […]

New Nokia Windows Phone render leaked on video

While we usually don’t pay too much attention to phone renders that are spotted in video clips – most of the time they are prototypes and inaccurate representations of the final devices unless they’ve been announced before. Well, a render of an unannounced Nokia Windows Phone device was recently spotted in an official Nokia video by the folks over at The phone looked sleek and bore a slight resemblance […]

Nokia Snake makes a comeback

Remember Snake, the classic game that was found on pretty much every Nokia phone back in the day? Well, it looks like the game has been given a new breath of life – for a short while at least. The Nokia Lumia 800 launched in the UK today, and to celebrate, Microsoft has updated its MSN UK website with fancy Windows Phone colors, and a Flash game of Snake. The […]

Nokia and deadmau5 to illuminate London for Windows Phone

Remember when back in October it was reported that Microsoft would be giving $20 million to Nokia in order to help promote its Windows Phone devices? Well, it really looks like Microsoft/Nokia are pulling out all the stops. Nokia has announced a spectacular “4D” show that will be taking place on the surface of the iconic Millbank Tower in London. The show will feature the world-renowned DJ- deadmau5 and his […]

WP7 Apps @ Mobile Acceleration Week

We met with Windows Phone developers who are part of a small group of companies that participate in Microsoft BizSpark, a worldwide program aimed at helping startups use Microsoft technologies (and stick with it for the long haul). They were in San Francisco for Mobile Acceleration Week, and Microsoft has identified each as having a promising Windows Phone project. During the event, each company got help and mentoring from Microsoft, […]