ChevronWP7When Windows Phone was first released, a group of developers created a tool called ChevronWP7 which allowed users to unlock their WP devices so that they could sideload apps. Needless to say, the app got shutdown pretty quickly – but the creators of the unlock announced that they would be working with Microsoft on an alternative solution.

Months passed, and there were no updates on the ChevronWP7 blog – people wondered if the project was still alive. Well, we are happy to tell you that CheveronWP7 is here to stay. The folks behind the unlocker posted an update on their blog today saying that the unlocker has gone live (and now Microsoft-sanctioned). Windows Phone 7 homebrew enthusiasts would do well to head over to the ChevronWP7 site right now.

A few things to note though: you’ll need a Windows Live ID (it can be different from the one on your phone), you need to purchase an “unlock token” over PayPal which will cost you $9. After that you’ll be able to download the unlocking tool, and you’re good to go! Start testing out your own homebrew apps or sideloading any that you’ve found online.

[Official ChevronWP7 website]

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