Acer W4 Windows Phone 7 handset revealed

Acer has outed an upcoming handset at IFA, the Acer W4, but instead of Android it seems that the new handset will be running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. Not much is known about the device, and based on the photos it does look rather plain and not very eye-catching. Under the hood it sports a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB worth of storage, and it will be […]

HTC TITAN and HTC Radar WP7 phones announced

Looking forward to the next generation of Windows Phone devices from HTC? You’re in luck. Today, the Taiwanse company announced the launch of two Windows Phone 7 Mango-powered handsets. First up we have the HTC TITAN, and if you looked at the phone’s name and immediately thought “big device” – you wouldn’t be wrong.

Nokia 703 photo leaked – Symbian or Windows Phone 7?

A recent image of a Nokia device has surfaced on the internet bearing the name/model “Nokia 703”. Based on the image alone it looks remarkably similar to Nokia Sea Ray handset that Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop revealed a while back. Similarly the Sea Ray is also reminiscent of the MeeGo-based handset the Nokia N9, so what exactly is the Nokia 703?

Camera and photo sharing features in Mango revealed

Looking forward to Microsoft’s latest update for Windows Phone 7? Today Microsoft just unveiled more details regarding their Mango update and some of these features will be very applicable especially to those who enjoy taking photographs and participating frequently in social networks.


Windows Phone Mango has internet sharing

The Windows Phone Mango update is really shaping up to be something. The folks over at wpcentral did some digging around and discovered that Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) will have the ability to share the phone’s internet connection with up to 5 other devices. Just like Android and iOS, Windows Phone joins the rank of operating systems that can turn devices into mobile hotspots. However, just like the internet sharing […]

Windows Marketplace hits 30,000 apps

Another month, another milestone reached for Microsoft Windows Phone. It was back in July when we reported about the platforms app store, Windows Marketplace, hitting 25,000 apps, and now it has been reported to hit 30,000 apps. While it’s still a way off from the 425,000+ iOS apps and 200,000+ Android apps available, for an operating system that’s not even a year old – it’s a pretty impressive feat. And […]

Microsoft shows off Xbox 360 and Windows Phone interaction

When Microsoft announced that gaming would be a big part of Windows Phone, people wondered about how Xbox Live on the mobile operating system would interact with their Xbox 360 consoles. Well, today at GameFest, the company gave a demonstration about how they would go about bridging the two platforms with its upcoming game for kids – Kinectimals.Through the use of QR codes, gamers could transfer their animals between the […]

HTC announcing new Windows Phone devices on September 1st

While HTC has announced its commitment to Android, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to spend any less time creating Windows Phone devices. The folks over at BGR claimed to have exclusively learned about HTC’s plans to unveil several new WP7 phones at an upcoming event next Thursday (September 1st) in a public event in that will be held in Victoria House, London.

Inq boss thinks Windows Phone will be cheaper than Android

A couple of days ago we reported that the Fujitsu IS12T would be the first Windows Phone 7 phone to be released that was running on Mango, Windows Phone 7’s latest update. We also reported that it would be released in Japan with a reported price (after conversion) of $958 without contract, which seems pretty darn expensive, but it appears that Inq (a mobile phone manufacturer from London, owned by […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango ready to be delivered

Not long after the final build of Windows Phone 7 Mango leaked out in the wild, we have an “official” statement from Microsoft’s Mobile Business Group director, Peter Wissinger, saying that Mango is has been completed. According to a comment he wrote on Facebook – Mango has been completed ahead of schedule and it’s now up to the manufacturers to get it out to their handsets.This is great news, seeing […]

Fujitsu IS12T available in Japan August 25th?

Those living in Japan will be lucky enough to get their hands on the first Windows Phone 7 devices that come loaded with Mango, which will be the Fujitsu IS12T. At that time it was unknown as to when exactly Japanese customers would be able to get their hands on the Windows Phone 7 device, but thanks to a photo snagged by Tezawaly of, we now have a date, […]

Windows Phone Bing audio search works like Shazam

Wow, it looks like Windows Phone users won’t have to fork out money to use premium versions of music-recognition apps like Shazam in the future. The Mango update to Windows Phone 7 eschews the need for such apps, since the new Bing has a feature called audio search that does the same thing.

Moogle and the Future of Mobile

This morning, we covered the unexpected acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google for $12B, which is a huge premium (60%+) compared to the market value of Motorola Mobile on the previous day. Mobile technology is currently THE hot business topic with about 80% of market growth year-over-year in the Smartphone segment in Q1 2011.The patent war: providing new revenue streams to outsiders, slowing down AndroidThe patent war has been raging […]

Nokia Sea Ray not coming to the US?

We all probably know by now that Nokia will be releasing a series of Windows Phone 7 based smartphones. For those who are unfamiliar, Nokia has dropped Symbian and MeeGo platforms in favor of Windows Phone 7. Their reason behind this is because according to an email supposedly by Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop, carriers prefer Windows Phone 7 over Symbian or MeeGo.