Nokia WP7We’ve all heard news about Nokia releasing Windows Phone 7 devices in Europe before the rest of the world yesterday, but we still have no idea what the phones will be. Eldar Murtazin previously leaked out information about the phones being the W7 – an N8-looking device that’s running WP7 and has a 12-megapixel camera instead. One of the other phones mentioned will be a QWERTY-keyboard-toting phone.


Well, the folks over at ShinyShiny.TV reported that a Nokia rep they were pressing for details, revealed that Nokia will be releasing a QWERTY phone in its 2011 line up. It’s expected to be a BlackBerry-rivaling device, so it might have a portrait slider keyboard just like the Dell Venue Pro. The Nokia rep also revealed that Nokia’s integrated features would be deep within the phone instead of apps preloaded and being called “customized”. How this will affect WP7 updates, we have no idea, but we’re pretty stoked about Nokia WP7 phones. Release them already!

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