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Microsoft Rumored To ‘End Sales’ Of Its Lumia Lineup In December
It is safe to say that the Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile platform isn’t quite as widespread as Microsoft would like it to be. The Redmond company has also been mum on their mobile plans for the near future, but could Microsoft be calling it quits as far as their Lumia lineup is concerned?

MyFitnessPal No Longer Supported On Windows Phone
While Windows Phone is not a bad operating system, we guess it’s hard to compete against the likes of iOS and Android, which is also why developers have largely ignored Windows Phone in favor of iOS and Android. In some cases, some developers are even abandoning the Windows Phone ship, like in the case of Under Armour.

Pokemon Go For Windows Phone Being Developed By A Third Party
Pokemon Go has quite literally taken the world by storm. Millions of people across the globe are being motivated to get up and go outside to catch elusive little monsters. The game is only available for iOS and Android, and it’s very likely that these are the two platforms it’s going to be available on for quite a while. A petition was floated recently to get Niantic to develop Pokemon […]

Rovio To Stop Supporting The Windows Phone Platform
Today’s smartphone scene has matured to the point where it really just boils down to iOS and Android. This is versus back in the day where we had a lot more choices, and where developers were hard pressed to try and develop for as many platforms as possible, but like we said, these days it really is an iOS and Android scene.


Microsoft To Exit The Consumer Smartphone Business
Last week Microsoft sold off the feature phone business that they acquired from Nokia to Foxconn. It made sense especially since smartphones are now the defacto phone of choice amongst many consumers, even those in emerging markets where we have affordable handsets like the Android One to choose from.

Opera Mini Update On Windows Phone Not Expected In Near Future
Well, this is far from surprising – we do know that the market share of Windows Phone over in the US has dropped significantly as reported in the middle of last year, which in the first place, the mobile operating itself already had a rather small market share compared to the two behemoths slugging it out – Android and iOS. Well, this bit of news that one should not expect […]

Opera Has No Major Updates Planned For Windows Phone
Even though the Opera Mini browser for Windows Phone got its most recent update a couple of weeks ago, the company behind this browser has said that it currently has “no major updates planned” for its browser on Windows Phone. That’s despite the fact that Opera Mini has only been available on Microsoft’s mobile platform for less than a year.

Microsoft Might Roll Out Trio Of Surface Phone Devices Next Year
Word has it that Microsoft might be working on not one or two, but rather, three different Surface Phone models that will only arrive in 2017. It might sound fine and dandy, but will it be too late by then for Microsoft to make an impact in the smartphone market with such hardware, taking into consideration how much farther along on the industry would have moved in this one year […]

Windows Phone Not A Priority For Microsoft This Year
It looks like with all the fanfare that surrounded Windows 10 just recently, it does not seem as though Microsoft is about to put in all that much effort to make Windows Phone a priority for the year 2016. Of course, this particular bit of information should not come across as a surprise, since Windows 10 on smartphones are not a top priority for the company as well – which […]

GoPro Will Not Support Windows Phones Any Longer
It looks like GoPro, the folks behind the range of action cameras that have since taken off in a big way, are about to pull the plug when it comes to support for its Windows Phone app . However, while GoPro did inform its Windows Phone users that they are working on a GoPro app which will play nice with Windows 10 Mobile for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 […]

Starbucks App For Windows Phone To Arrive Soon
Are you a heavy coffee drinker, or perhaps a casual one who loves to hang out at Starbucks no matter where you go simply because you love the consistency of the drinks regardless of which outlet in the many countries in which you have visited? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then you would surely have seen the Starbucks app on iOS and Android platforms function as a […]

Here Maps Is Giving Up On Windows Phone And Windows 10
Here-branded mapping applications have long been available on Windows Phone-powered smartphones but from now on that’s not going to be the case. The Here Maps team has confirmed that they’re dropping support for Here-branded apps for Windows Phone and Windows 10. From now on the team is going to limit its development on this platform to fixing critical bugs found in apps for Windows Phone 8.

Spotify Says They’re Not Dropping Windows Phone Support
Yesterday we reported that according to a Spotify customer service representative, it was suggested that the company will be ending support for the app on Windows Phone devices. It turns out that the report was not true, thanks to the folks at MSPoweruser who has since reached out to Spotify to clarify.

Spotify Ends Support For Windows Phone App [Update]
Update – Spotify has since confirmed that they are still supporting the app on Windows Phone.If you are still using a Windows Phone handset and you use apps like Spotify to get your fix of music streaming, you might be disappointed to learn that Spotify has recently confirmed that they have officially ended support for its Windows Phone app, so don’t expect to see any new versions of the app […]