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Customized Windows Phone Handsets Used By NYPD Officers
The city of New York is one of the iconic places on earth, being an Alpha city that comes with free public Wi-Fi, and their police force, better known as the NYPD, has certainly seen its fair bit of action on the silver screen and TV shows to become a well known acronym even on different continents. Well, it looks like Windows Phones have a role to play in the […]

Lumia 520 Is Most Popular Windows Phone Device Still
Can you believe that a hugely popular handset back in 2013 is still very popular today – and by popular, I do not mean in terms of it flying off the shelves every month, but rather, the context would be in the number of existing users. Well, the entry-level Nokia Lumia 520 happened to be the most popular Windows Phone handset in the world 28 months ago, and it seems […]

Fitbit Blaze’s Windows Phone Support Isn’t Complete Yet
Last week during CES 2016, Fitbit took the wraps off a brand new wearable in the form of the Fitbit Blaze, a device that Fitbit was calling a smart fitness watch. What was surprising about the announcement is that the device is not only compatible with iOS and Android, but apparently it is compatible with Windows Phone too.Usually support for Windows Phone is added later, so it was nice to […]

Microsoft CEO Admits Their Smartphone Market Share Is Unsustainable
Microsoft’s market share in the mobile phone market is currently very, very low, eclipsed by the likes of iOS and Android. The company has been trying all sorts of ways to try and gain a foothold but it certainly looks like it is an uphill battle, and recently during an interview with BuzzFeed, the company’s CEO Satya Nadella admitted that their share is unsustainable.The latest figures from Gartner has revealed […]


AppComparison By Microsoft Finds Your Android Apps On Windows Phone
One of the main reasons why people don’t choose to jump ship from Android or iOS is the fact that none of the other mobile operating systems in the market offer anywhere near the number of applications that are available for those two platforms. That is partly why platforms like Windows Phone and BlackBerry are struggling, not to mention the fact that the lack of compelling hardware plays its part as well. […]

WhatsApp For Windows Gets Middle Finger Emoji
If you happen to be a Windows Phone user, chances are you are used by now to being the last when it comes to enjoying app updates, especially when you compare yourself to iOS and Android-powered device owners. Still, the adage holds true – better late than never, and life is a whole lot more than just making sure you are first off the blocks with the latest updates, right? […]

Windows Phone Support Twitter Account Moves To Lumia Help
As it stands, Microsoft’s mobile operating system is called Windows Phone. However with the release of Windows 10, that will change as it will soon be known as Windows 10 Mobile. This is why it does not really come as a surprise to learn that Microsoft has recently announced some changes they are making to their support system on Twitter.According to Microsoft, they will soon be shutting down their @WinPhoneSupport […]

Twitter On Windows Phone Removes Character Limit For Direct Messages Too
Earlier this year in June, there was an announcement which certainly got all fans of this microblogging service excited – apparently, Twitter made changes to its ‘Direct Messaging’ segment of the service by doing away with the 140 character cap that more or less limited the amount of stuff that could be mentioned in a direct message. Well, it seems that this restriction in Twitter for Windows Phone has also […]

Acer Rumored To Bring Four New Windows Phones To IFA 2015
When it comes to smartphones, Acer isn’t the most well-known brand. They might be known for their computers and displays, but smartphones not so much. However the company might want to change that perception because according to the rumors courtesy of Roland Quandt of, Acer will be unveiling four new Windows Phone handsets at IFA.According to Quandt, he claims that Acer will be bringing four Windows Phone handsets to […]

Windows Phone Store Data Leaked
Breaches in information as well as leaks are commonplace in this day and age, and it seems that the latest leak involves data concerning the Windows Phone Store that dates all the way back October 2011, where that was when Windows Phone 7.5 launched. Whatever that was leaked showed that Facebook happens to be the app that is downloaded the most, achieving more than 112 million installations along the way.

No Angry Birds 2 On Windows Phone - Yet
When Rovio announced Angry Birds 2 not too long ago, with the moniker “the mother of all sequels” attached to it, the world of mobile gaming was certainly in a buzz, to say the least. After all, this particular title had certainly gone the distance across numerous platforms to be what it is today, a juggernaut not only in terms of gaming, but also commercial appeal as well. In fact, […]

Skype For Business Is The Rebranded Lync 2013
Have you heard about Lync 2013 before? Well, if you have not, chances are this will be the last time you will hear about it, as it has just been rebranded to be known as Skype for Business. Previously, Lync 2013 was an app that was made available for businesses over in the Windows Phone Store, where it boasted of web conferencing and chat capabilities – two tenets that are […]

Microsoft Giving Up On Windows Phone Adopting Android Instead [Rumor]
A rather interesting rumor has been making the rounds for a few hours, word on the street is that perhaps Microsoft has decided to give up on Windows Phone altogether and go with Android instead. It would warrant a major shift in its relationship with Google but the rumor mill seems to be adamant that this is going to happen, particularly because Windows Phone hasn’t seen any substantial growth and […]

Microsoft Launches Calls+ For Windows Phone To Bring Advanced Options
Microsoft today launched a new application for Windows Phone handsets named Calls+ which will provide users with advanced options to manage features such as call forwarding and call waiting on their Windows Phone handset. True that many carriers have provided settings to their users through which they can configure these features but it goes without saying that the entire process would be much easier when controlled through easy to understand actions […]