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Lumia 940 XL Possibly Confirmed Through Ad Network
The Lumia 940 XL is a flagship handset that is supposedly in the works by Microsoft. In fact earlier this year, Microsoft did promise that they will bring flagship Windows Phone handsets to the market, but obviously no specs or details were given, leading many to speculate that a certain Lumia 940 XL would appear in the second half of the year.Whether or not that is true remains to be […]

WhatsApp Voice Calling Finally Arrives On Windows Phone
Last month we reported that the voice calling feature of WhatsApp had made its way into the beta version for Windows Phone, hinting that a final release might not be too far off. Now the good news for Windows Phone users is that if you weren’t part of the beta testing program, fret not as the feature has since been released en masse.If you have yet to update your WhatsApp […]

Four New Lumia Smartphones Rumored
For the past few months it has been reported multiple times that Microsoft is going to release two new Lumia handsets later this year, they’ll be the first high-end devices that the company releases since it took over Nokia’s hardware division. Since the deal was closed Microsoft has only released mid-range and low-end Windows Phone devices and it’s safe to say that we’re all looking forward to a change. If a rumor […]

Windows Phone Market Share In The U.S. Drops Significantly
Things don’t appear to be going along nicely for Windows Phone on Microsoft’s home turf because according to a new report the company’s mobile platform has seen its market share in the country drop significantly in the previous quarter. Almost one million customers are believed to have shifted from Windows Phone in the previous quarter, bringing down its market share in the U.S. from 3.6% to 3.0% in just one […]


Lumia 535 Boosts Windows Phone Sales In Pakistan By 300%
When the Lumia 535 was announced last year, it came with hardware specs that most people owning a high-end smartphone would snub their noses at. It was nothing special as it was very basic, but at the same time good enough to get the job done and then done. However while some of have have ignored the handset, perhaps it’s time to start paying attention to it.According to Microsoft, it […]

A New HTC Windows Phone Could Be In The Works
You might recall that yesterday we reported that HTC was planning a new series of smartphones for the later part of the year. It was assumed that HTC would be turning to the use of Android which is what the company has typically done, but as it turns out it could be Windows Phone, or as it might be known then as Windows 10 Mobile.This is according to Microsoft’s recent […]

WhatsApp Beta For Windows Phone Gets Call Feature
It has been a while since iOS and Android users have enjoyed the voice calling feature of WhatsApp, but unfortunately for Windows Phone users, they’re still in for a wait. Well the good news is that you guys are now one step closer to getting the feature as the WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone has finally gotten the feature.Like we said this is only for those who are using WhatsApp […]

OneDrive For Windows Phone Becomes Cortana Friendly With The Latest Update
Microsoft is going to roll out an update to OneDrive for Windows Phone today. The update will bring in support for Cortana search, which will enable users to go through their OneDrive files by giving voice commands to Cortana. In a blog post, Microsoft details the features that will tag along with the update.

5.7-inch Windows Phone Could Be In The Works
If you’re a fan of the Windows Phone platform and if you’re looking for a phone with a large display, Microsoft could have something for you. According to a recent sighting on Zauba (via Windows Central), an Indian import/export website, there is some evidence to suggest that Microsoft could be working on a 5.7-inch Windows Phone handset.The listing on Zauba points towards a 5.7-inch phone in the making. However it […]

Snapchat Has Plans For An Official Windows Phone App
One of the main reasons why first time smartphone buyers choose iOS or Android over competitors like Windows Phone or BlackBerry is the fact that those platforms have infinitely more applications available as opposed to the ones that are hanging on for dear life. The “app gap” poses a threat to the very existence of these platforms which is why the companies building them try their very best to get […]

Microsoft Takes On Shaky Videos With The Hyperlapse App
Late last year Microsoft revealed that it was developing a new application that would make it much easier for people to capture shake-free videos using their mobile devices. Even though most modern day smartphones have Optical Image Stabilization, it’s quite common to capture shaky video if your hands aren’t exactly rock solid. Microsoft has followed through on its commitment and has released the Hyperlapse app for Android and Windows Phone, its […]

Verizon Launches Lancet, LG's New Windows Phone Handset
We have been hearing for a few weeks now that LG is building a new Windows Phone handset that will be exclusively offered by Verizon. There were quite a few leaks as well and renders of the device appeared online recently, it was reported that the device might be launched later this month, but Verizon has gone ahead with the announcement today. The LG Lancet Windows Phone device has been […]

LG’s Windows Phone To Launch On Verizon 21st May [Rumor]
We’re sure most of you guys know by now that LG is working on a Windows Phone handset, which at the moment has been dubbed the LG Lancet although we’re not sure if this is a codename or the name of the actual phone. The phone is also expected to make its way onto Verizon, but the question is when?According to the folks at PhoneArena, one of their readers sent […]

Snake Rewind Brings A Classic Onto iOS, Android & Windows Phone
Last week we reported that the original programmer of the Snake game on Nokia devices, Taneli Armando, would be releasing a more modern take on the game dubbed Snake Rewind. The good news is that if you were wondering how it would handle and how it lives up to its predecessor, you can stop wondering as the game has been officially released.The app itself is a free download although there […]