It appears that LG has developed a new Windows Phone powered headset for Verizon. There have been rumors recently that the company might be developing such a device for the nation’s largest wireless network. Today a purported picture of this device has appeared online. So far both LG and Verizon have not officially confirmed that a new Windows Phone device is in the pipeline.

The folks at Neowin claim to have received this picture from an unnamed source. It shows a new Windows Phone device made by LG for Verizon. It has virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen and appears to be powered by Windows Phone 8.1, not Windows 10 for Phones.

Specifications of this device are not known right now so it’s hard to say whether it’s a high-end or a mid-range device. What clear though is that it does have a front facing camera and LTE support, but it’s not like these features are hard to find on mid-range devices.

Even if it’s not powered by Windows 10 for Phones from the get go it would most certainly be eligible for an upgrade when the new software arrives this summer.

LG hasn’t said anything about a new Windows Phone device, we await official confirmation from the company. No word as yet on when it might arrive on Verizon and what it will end up costing customers interested in buying one.

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