When Microsoft announced Windows 11, they also revealed some of the hardware requirements that users needed in order to upgrade to the new operating system. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have the correct hardware you won’t be able to upgrade, but Microsoft won’t be able to guarantee your experience.

We imagine that most users would probably check to see if they can upgrade to Windows 11, but what about those who blindly upgrade without checking? According to user Albacore on Twitter, they have discovered that Microsoft is now testing out a new feature for Windows 11 that will place a watermark on your screen that lets you know you might be using unsupported hardware.

This watermark will appear on the lower right corner of your display and basically let you know that your computer’s system requirements are not met. Given that this is a test, it’s hard to say if this is something Microsoft will implement widely or if they might simply decide not to go through with it.

One of the reasons why this is a big deal is because one of the requirements for Windows 11 is the need for an Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake processor or an AMD Zen 2 CPU or better. This effectively left millions of users being technically unable to update. There are some workarounds, but this could result in quite a number of users seeing this watermark which might be troubling for some users.

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