SoundTouch: Easy Listening, Made by Bose

How many clicks, how many fingertaps does it take to get your favorite music playing when you come home? Any number greater than one should make you interested in Bose’s new SoundTouch technology, the audio pioneer hopes. Promising “a whole new way of enjoying your music at home,” Bose on Thursday introduced a new, wireless music system that is slated to become a company-wide standard for virtually all of Bose’s […]

Creative Dxm Signature Series Wireless Speakers

The folks over at Creative have lived up to their name yet again, where the latest modular wireless speaker systems that rolled off their production lines come in the form of the Creative Dxm Signature Series, where these are led by the flagship Creative D5xm, and will be accompanied by the Creative D3xm and the Creative DSxm subwoofer. The Creative Dxm Signature Series holds the distinction of being the first […]

Panasonic SC-NP10 Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers come and go, but some of them are here to stay, and the Panasonic SC-NP10 wireless speaker is definitely one of them. Panasonic has come up with the SC-NP10 by designing it to be an optimal surround sound system that is suitable for tablet viewing as well as listening. I guess you can more or less say that the Panasonic SC-NP10 is a wireless speaker that gives users […]

Wren V5PF Wireless Speaker Targets Android Devices Only

We all know the advantages of having a wireless speaker around, where one of the main advantages would be not having to tangle with them pesky wires any more. No sir, and you also need not wrestle with dust bunnies who love to start colonies around wires that seem to have a mind of their own. Well, Wren certainly wants to impress the Android device market with their latest wireless […]


bēm wireless Outlet Speaker Ships

We live in a world where wireless connectivity is rife, and it more or less encompasses a wide range of devices, from routers to smartphones and portable gaming devices. Well, bēm wireless is a company that is known for their innovative wireless solutions and consumer electronics, and they have successfully developed what they call the ‘outlet speaker,’ being a sleek, portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker that will be able to […]

Monster ClarityHD Katana Wireless Speaker

[CES 2013] Wireless compact speakers streaming music from smartphones and delivering big sound are trendy, and we like popular products such as the Jambox on the tiny side and the B&O BeoPlay 8 on the expensive side. So, we were pleased to discover another high quality and elegant device in that category, namely the ClarityHD Katana Wireless Digital Music System designed by Monster. The Katana, as nicknamed by the Monster team, […]

BIG JAMBOX: Portable Smart Wireless Speaker with Powerful Sound

At Ubergizmo, we already fell in love with the JAMBOX when Jawbone launched it in November 2010, we highly appreciate its elegant minimalistic design and its incredible powerful sound coming from such a compact body. It looks a lot of people feel the same since JAMBOX is now the number one selling speaker, according to Jawbone.Today, Jawbone introduced the BIG JAMBOX, the “big sister” of JAMBOX, a slightly larger speaker […]

Logitech UE Air Speaker streams music from your iOS devices

Logitech has announced the launch of its new AirPlay-compatible speaker: the Logitech UE Air Speaker. Designed to play audio wirelessly from your iOS devices, this sleek looking speaker features an elegant and contemporary styling that should fit right at home in any location. It also packs an Apple Dock Connector for charging your iPod, iPhone or iPad when it’s low on juice. If you have an iPod classic, you can […]

CeraAIR Two AirPlay speakers are gorgeous

In the market for high-end speakers to go along with your new iPad or various other iOS devices? Ceratec’s brand new CeraAIR Two speakers might be what you’re looking for. Featuring a gorgeous design that just exudes class, the CeraAIR Two is a marvel to look at. While it is an AirPlay compatible wireless speaker that is meant to play music from your iOS devices or computer (via iTunes), it […]

Big Blue and Big Blue Live Wireless Speakers announced

Whenever the name Big Blue is invoked, we would more or less think that it has something to do with IBM – after all, that is what the company is synonymous for over the past few decades. There are two models from Big Blue Audio being made available to the masses from Brookstone, where both of these devices will come with the signature Power. Pair. Play. interface. Not only do […]

HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker is simple and elegant

While there are a lot of wireless speakers available on the market, not all of them are able to achieve the same simplicity and elegance that just oozes out of the HiddenRadio & Bluetooth Speaker. This clever little device is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that lets you play your audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device (which should include your smartphone and tablet). To make it work, all you have to do […]

LiveAudio for JAMBOX Delivers Spatial Sound

We have published about JAMBOX, the brilliant compact Bluetooth speaker from Jawbone, when it launched back in November 2010. Today, Jawbone the innovative audio company behind JAMBOX, is releasing LiveAudio a new feature that delivers a great spatial sound experience.Basically, when you turn LiveAudio on, you can hear different sounds close to your left ear and your right ear.  LiveAudio leverage the binaural technology invented in the sixties that creates […]

Logitech plunges into tablet accessories market

It goes without saying that Apple had more or less single handedly brought the tablet market to a whole new level, and as a hardware manufacturer of accessories, surely those companies will be more than delighted to roll out their fair share of products to keep tablet owners happy (and their tablets safe from drops, knocks and scratches, of course). Logitech sniffs out an opportunity here with a new lineup […]

Aluratek Bump wireless audio speakers ready to rock and roll

Aluratek’s a name that are pretty familiar with those who dabble with some nifty consumer electronics, as the company’s latest devices to hit the market would be a trio of wireless audio speakers known as Bump. Strangely enough, out of the three, a wired model managed to sneak through. First of all, there is the $49.99 AMS01F model which is actually a boombox that plays music from an SD memory […]