We live in a world where wireless connectivity is rife, and it more or less encompasses a wide range of devices, from routers to smartphones and portable gaming devices. Well, bēm wireless is a company that is known for their innovative wireless solutions and consumer electronics, and they have successfully developed what they call the ‘outlet speaker,’ being a sleek, portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker that will be able to be plugged into an electrical outlet – any electrical outlet. It will definitely be very different from other speakers that you’ve seen in the past, where it adds a simple touch of elegance to any décor setup.

As momma used to say, do not judge a book by its cover, and the bēm wireless outlet speaker sure has plenty of bite underneath its rather diminutive hood, being roughly the size of a juice box which means it would take up extremely little space. Shipping of the bēm wireless outlet speaker commences today, delivering 25-feet of wireless musical goodness to your pad for $99.99 a pair. [Press Release]

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