JAMBOX LiveAudio

JAMBOX with LiveAudio playing recomended playlist (songs recorded with binaural technology)

We have published about JAMBOX, the brilliant compact Bluetooth speaker from Jawbone, when it launched back in November 2010. Today, Jawbone the innovative audio company behind JAMBOX, is releasing LiveAudio a new feature that delivers a great spatial sound experience.

Basically, when you turn LiveAudio on, you can hear different sounds close to your left ear and your right ear.  LiveAudio leverage the binaural technology invented in the sixties that creates a sense of depth and spatial realism,it is very good for gaming or when watching a movie.
Binaural audio has only been available through headphones and JAMBOX is claimed to be the first “off-ear” speaker to manage to deliver it.

LiveAudio works with any song, however it is better suited to soundtracks that has been recorded using binaural technology, if you are Spotify users, test the feature with the JAMBOX recommended playlist.

I heard a demo during a briefing at Jawbone headquarters, and I was amazed by the immersive effect that such a small speaker could provide, additionally, I listened to a few song from the recommended playlist later, turning LiveAudio alternatively on and off, and there is no comparison, LiveAudio gives a lot of depth to the music. It is recommended to place the device not to far from the listener for maximum efficiency.

LiveAudio is available as part of the JAMBOX software 2.0 free update for JAMBOX owners on MyTalk, the Jawbone’s personalization platform.

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