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How To Install/Configure WP Super Cache
The WP Super Cache plugin by Donncha O Caoimh is one of the most useful plugins available for WordPress, and it will help you keep a site functioning well and served to your users in a cost-efficient manner.There are many WP Super Cache (or WPSC) articles that will provide you a quick explanation on how to use it. In truth, you could get by, just by activating the plugin and do […]

Google Glass Plays Nice With WordPress Unofficially
Google Glass has definitely seen improvements ever since it was announced, although it did get into spots of trouble with certain folks from time to time. In fact, we do know that Google Glass will eventually support prescription glasses too, and this time around, we have PR firm Weber Shandwick rolling out an unofficial WordPress plugin for Google Glass, which means you can now publish content to just about any […]

Google+ Posts Can Now Be Embedded
Google+ has received two new features today, embedded posts is one of them. Google says that they’ve added this feature to expand user’s audience across the web. Public Google+ posts can now be added to websites. Posts with all kinds of content, like pictures, text and other media, are supported. The embedded posts are fully active, so visitors can comment and +1 and even follow the post’s owner inline, straight […]

Are Tumblr Users Defecting To WordPress?
As we had reported earlier, the deal Yahoo made to acquire Tumblr for $1.1 billion is now official, and in our previous report, we asked how Tumblr users are feeling about this. We expect that there will be mixed feelings, with some possibly happy that Yahoo is now throwing their weight and support behind the website, and with others a bit more apprehensive and worried that Yahoo might begin to […]


Fix For Recent WordPress Brute Force Attack Is Easier Than You Think
Over the past couple of days it has been widely reported that WordPress based sites are being targeted by a massive brute force attack, one that is supposedly backed by a botnet with over 90,000 IP addresses. The nature of this attack has been described as being much larger than usual, with CloudFlar alone blocking over 60 million requests in under one hour. The attack is believed to be on […]

Wordpress For Blackberry 10 Previewed On Video
Heads up bloggers, we know that there are times when you have a cool idea you want to share on your blog but don’t have a computer with you, and sometimes it’s because of these situations that leads to us losing what could have been a great story. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, blogging on the go is possible and if you were planning on picking up a Blackberry 10 […]

WordPress for iOS gets revamped with new user interface and improved features
If you’re managing your WordPress blog on an iPad or an iPhone, we’ve got good news for you. Today, WordPress has just deployed a huge update for its app on iOS. As you can see in the photo above, WordPress on iOS has been revamped with a new sidebar menu for quick navigation and sliding panels on the iPad for greatly improved navigation and ease of use.Apart from the new […]

Facebook's WordPress tool turns blogging into a more social creature
Just when you thought that the idea of having a blog is already as social as it can get, along comes Facebook, the social networking giant at its prime at the moment, with a new WordPress tool that is said to transform your blogging experience into an even more social one. Sweeping integrations for and VIP users were announced earlier this Tuesday, allowing you to include your blog […]

Wordpress 2.1 now available for Android, offers improvements and new features
If blogging on the go is part of your job, or if you simply love the idea of blogging while on the train or in the bus or while you’re at school, the good news is that WordPress for Android has been updated with several new features and improvements which we’re guessing should help make your blogging on the go experience more efficient and more enjoyable. The update will bring […]

Wordpress Deems it’s Like Button a Success
For many of us, the “Like” button is mostly associated with Facebook but two years ago decided to take the plunge and launched its own “Like” button system. The button effectively allowed readers to like a post that they are interested in and the reader’s “gravatar” (Globally Recognized Avatar) would subsequently be added to groups of other users that share the same taste. The system was launched in the […]

One-click Wordpress database restore with Vaultpress
Everyone who is ready to pay ($15/mo) to have a reliable WordPress backup should check this out: Vaultpress, the real-time backup system for self-hosted WordPress blogs now features one-click, server to server database restore. This is pretty awesome for folks who know enough to get in trouble by doing something bad to the database. This could also help authors recover quicker from a WordPress database hack.

WordPress malware poisons images on Google Image search
If you own a blog, whether it be for personal or professional use, chances are you are probably running in on WordPress, a popular platform for both personal and professional blogs/websites. It appears that there is a new form of malware for the platform that has affected over 4,000 WordPress sites, as discovered by Russian research Denis Sinegubko.

WordPress Now Offering Custom Designs
Blogging is a growing trend and there are many out there with personalized domains but exactly how many of us out there actually know how to tweak and create a layout for ourselves without having to resort to pay a designer hundreds of dollars or go through several computing manuals to get where we want it to be? For those who are uninitiated to the world of HTML and CSS […]

WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate now available
Automattic has just announced that WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate is now available. This is the step after the beta period and before the final release of the update to the general public. For all you bloggers who can’t wait to get the latest version of the blogging platform, here’s your chance to be on 3.2 before the rest of your friends. Of course, don’t use it for your main blog […]