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Acer Allegro launches in France
The Acer Allegro was first released last month ahead of schedule thanks to a French store Rue du Commerce. Well, yesterday the phone was officially released in France. The Acer Allegro is Acer’s first foray into creating a Windows Phone 7 device and it packs first generation WP-device specs: a 1GHz processor, a 3.6″ display, 8GB of internal storage, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, a 1,300mAh battery (with Acer Fast Charge), […]

Unlocked Windows Phone devices get homebrew themes
Besides being able to sideload non-Marketplace apps on your Windows Phone, it looks like unlocking the device has another benefit: more customization options. If only being able to select the background color and the color of the tiles feels too limited for you and you want a more unique-looking Windows Phone device – you’re not alone. And until Microsoft decides to make it an official feature of the operating system, […]

Nokia and T-Mobile event on December 14th
It looks like we’re about to see the first Nokia Windows Phone devices in the US sooner than we thought. The folks over at T-Mobile and Nokia have started sending out invitations for an event that will be held in New York City on December 14th. It wasn’t mentioned what the event was going to be about, but judging by recent events (Nokia Lumia 710 turning up at the FCC […]

Lenovo Windows Phone in second half of 2012
It looks like we’ll have an additional player in the Windows Phone game next year. Lenovo has confirmed that it will be launching a Windows Phone device next year – in the second half of the year that is. Besides the confirmation of a Windows Phone device next year, Lenovo didn’t announce any specs, prices or even details of an international launch. Lenovo hasn’t been too well known for creating […]


Try Windows Phone 7 on your iOS/Android smartphone
If Microsoft’s recent $25 store credit promotion wasn’t enough to convince you to switch over to Windows Phone 7, maybe you’d like to get a hands-on experience with the operating system. Microsoft has recently put up a website that allows you to do just that. No, you don’t need to hack your phone or load a custom ROM; all you have to do is visit the website on your smartphone’s web […]

Buy a Windows Phone, get $25 worth of apps
One of the reasons why quite a number of people are reluctant to try a different operating system when it comes to getting a new phone is due to all the money invested into the current platform. After all, why would you want to re-buy apps on a different platform when you’ve already spent money on them right? Well, Microsoft is hoping to alleviate these issues with its latest promotion. […]

New Nokia Windows Phone render leaked on video
While we usually don’t pay too much attention to phone renders that are spotted in video clips – most of the time they are prototypes and inaccurate representations of the final devices unless they’ve been announced before. Well, a render of an unannounced Nokia Windows Phone device was recently spotted in an official Nokia video by the folks over at The phone looked sleek and bore a slight resemblance […]

Nokia Snake makes a comeback
Remember Snake, the classic game that was found on pretty much every Nokia phone back in the day? Well, it looks like the game has been given a new breath of life – for a short while at least. The Nokia Lumia 800 launched in the UK today, and to celebrate, Microsoft has updated its MSN UK website with fancy Windows Phone colors, and a Flash game of Snake. The […]

Nokia and deadmau5 to illuminate London for Windows Phone
Remember when back in October it was reported that Microsoft would be giving $20 million to Nokia in order to help promote its Windows Phone devices? Well, it really looks like Microsoft/Nokia are pulling out all the stops. Nokia has announced a spectacular “4D” show that will be taking place on the surface of the iconic Millbank Tower in London. The show will feature the world-renowned DJ- deadmau5 and his […]

HTC TITAN arrives on AT&T later this month
Itching to get your hands on HTC’s upcoming massive (literally) Windows Phone device? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. After being officially announced for AT&T back in September, we finally have an official release date for the HTC TITAN. According to one of the landing pages on AT&T’s website, the HTC TITAN will be in stores November 20th, and will carry a price tag of $199.99 (with a […]

Windows Phone surprise revealed
Remember the “big, big” surprise that we were promised by Microsoft last week? Well, if you were at New York City’s Herald Square today, you would have seen it. But for the rest of us who can’t see it in person, Microsoft revealed it today on its official Windows Phone blog. Standing right smack in the middle of Herald Square is a six-story Windows Phone which was constructed to commemorate […]

ChevronWP7 Windows Phone unlocker is back in action
When Windows Phone was first released, a group of developers created a tool called ChevronWP7 which allowed users to unlock their WP devices so that they could sideload apps. Needless to say, the app got shutdown pretty quickly – but the creators of the unlock announced that they would be working with Microsoft on an alternative solution.Months passed, and there were no updates on the ChevronWP7 blog – people wondered […]

Windows Phone surprise next week
Microsoft has announced on the official Windows Phone blog that it has something special in store for us next Monday. The only hint that was given in the blog post is that it’s going to be something fun, and they’re going to bring Windows Phone to life in a “big, big, way.” For some reason the idea of a giant Windows Phone bouncing castle just springs to mind but hey, […]

Kinectimals back on the Windows Marketplace
Back in August we wrote about Kinectimals, Microsoft’s upcoming game that would bridge the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone devices. Well, the game happened to be prematurely released last week for some reason as it was quickly pulled off the Windows Marketplace. But now it’s been reported that the game is back on the Marketplace – this time for good.In Kinectimals, users get to choose one of five kitties or […]

Nokia Lumia 800 no longer has Dolby Digital Plus?
When the Nokia Lumia 800 was first released and you pored over its official specs page and fell in love with the phone, take note that there have been some unannounced changes to the device. According to a sharp-eyed reader, the official specs page of the Nokia Lumia 800 has some noticeable omissions of features that were present before.If you check out the page now, it no longer lists […]

Nokia Maps will be arriving on other Windows Phones
At the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia mentioned that the phone will be preloaded with some apps exclusive to Nokia phones, and well now it looks like at least one of those apps will be making its way to Windows Phone devices from other manufacturers. According to reports online, Nokia Maps will be available to all Windows Phone devices in the coming weeks. In case you were wondering, […]

Nokia targets first time smartphone users in the US
If you’re wondering why Nokia is taking its sweet time to make its way over to the US, it’s because of the company’s tarnished legacy. One a force to be reckoned with, Nokia fell from the throne when it refused to adapt and change its products for US consumers. Windows Phone is Nokia’s second chance at getting back into the US and they’re working hard to make sure they don’t […]

Nokia Lumia 800 unboxed
We’re going to have to wait until 2012 before we can get our hands on Nokia’s first Windows Phone device, the Lumia 800. And to give us a taste of things to come, the folks over at the official Windows Phone blog posted an unboxing photo gallery showing us what we can expect once we get the wrapping taken off the box.Judging by the photographs, we get a simple, minimalist […]

Nokia's first Windows Phone devices appearing at Nokia World 2011
It’s been previously speculated that Nokia will be unveiling its first Windows Phone handset at the Nokia World event later this month but thanks to Andy Lees, President of Windows Phone, we now have confirmation. Speaking at AsiaD today, he announced that at Nokia World 2011 we won’t see just one but a few Nokia Windows Phone devices.In addition to the debut of the first few Nokia WP phones, the […]

More Windows Phone 7 than Android devices sold in the first year
At the AsiaD conference today, Microsoft’s president of Windows Phone, Andy Lees announced that despite the bad impression about the number of Windows Phone devices sold, they sold more than Android devices did during their first year. While there isn’t an official number for Android devices sold from September 2008 to September 2009, it was estimated to be only 6.8 million.But before WP-fans start bashing Android, the market back in […]