Nokia Windows Phone 7If you’re wondering why Nokia is taking its sweet time to make its way over to the US, it’s because of the company’s tarnished legacy. One a force to be reckoned with, Nokia fell from the throne when it refused to adapt and change its products for US consumers. Windows Phone is Nokia’s second chance at getting back into the US and they’re working hard to make sure they don’t screw up.

According to the Wall Street Journal who spoke to Chris Weber, Nokia’s US head, the company plans to launch a full portfolio of unique devices multiple carriers each year, and they want 2012 to be the year of its comeback. However, since the smartphone industry is already dominated by other players such as iOS and Android, Nokia’s plan isn’t to steal sales from them.

Instead, the company wants to be additive to their business by targeting other consumers instead: the first time smartphone purchasers who are intimidated by such devices and are worried about figuring out how to use them. It’s these customers that Nokia are targeting, and it makes perfect sense. After all, seeing how well established most of the competing platforms are; it would be much more challenging to convert people as opposed to attracting “fresh” ones.

This also means that we’ll be seeing a lot more low-cost handsets from the company – since “newbies” aren’t likely to put down a lot of cash for a smartphone if they’re uncertain of what they’re getting into. Will any of you be picking up any Nokia Windows Phone devices when they go on sale in the US next year?

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