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iRadio WWDC 2013 Unveil Reportedly On Track
It has been rumored once again that Apple's new music streaming service, iRadio, will be unveiled at Worldwide Developers Conference 2013.

New MacBook Air Expected To Be Announced During WWDC 2013 [Rumor]
Sources close to 9to5Mac have reportedly confirmed Apple will be announcing new MacBook Airs next week.

Prior To iOS 7 Unveil, Square App Icons Pop Up In Developers Portal
Some developers have reportedly noticed that their app icons are being displayed as square and don't have the conventional rounded edges. This is thought to be a hint of iOS 7 design changes.

New Mac Pro 2013 Complete Redesign Rumored
It has been rumored that the new Mac Pro 2013 will be completely redesigned. Dual GPU and Thunderbolt I/O support have been rumored as well alongside the new design.


Apple Releases WWDC 2013 App For iOS
Apple published its WWDC 2013 application, which will help attendees of its show stay connected.

Apple Reportedly Signs iRadio Deal With Warner Music
According to a new report Apple has finally managed to get Warner Music on board for its much rumored iRadio service.

New MacBook Air And Pro Launch At WWDC 2013 Rumored Once Again
An analyst believes that Apple will unveil new MacBook Air and Pro models at WWDC 2013. These new laptops will reportedly tout Intel's next generation Haswell processors.

New Mac Pro 2013 Unveil Expected At WWDC
Apple is expected to unveil new Mac Pro 2013 at this year's WWDC. Little or no inventory of the previous model at major retailers is a positive sign of a revamp's possibility.

Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote Confirmed For 10th June
Today Apple has formally confirmed that it will be conducting its keynote presentation on the first day of WWDC 2013, which is 10th of June.

Vimeo And Flickr Integration In iOS 7 Rumored
Rumor has it that iOS 7 will come with Flickr and Vimeo integration, similar to that of Facebook and Twitter integration.

Apple iRadio Apparently Delayed Over Licensing Negotiations
Apple iRadio alleged music streaming service is apparently being delayed due to negotiations with Sony music label over song skipping rates.

MacBook Air Supply Short Fall Rumored Prior To WWDC 2013
MacBook Air supply is reportedly facing shortfall at Apple authorized resellers, giving rise to speculation that new MacBook models are coming at WWDC 2013.

Apple iRadio Release Delay Deemed Possible
It was rumored back in October 2012 that Apple was interested in launching an online radio service similar to Pandora. Back then analysts predicted that the new service will be launched some time in 2013. During the first week of January, another rumor popped claiming that Apple was negotiating a deal with Universal and Warner, two major record labels  It was rumored then that iRadio was going to be launched in […]

iOS 7 Online Traffic Picks Up Ahead Of Official Launch
It is being reported by various sources that online traffic from devices that are apparently running iOS 7 is picking up. A “significant increase” has been seen in this traffic, iPhones and iPads running the yet to be announced iOS 7 have left behind IP addresses that when traced back, lead to San Francisco and Cupertino, California. Tablet optimization company Onswipe gives last week’s statistics which reveal that 18.75% of iOS […]