It was rumored back in October 2012 that Apple was interested in launching an online radio service similar to Pandora. Back then analysts predicted that the new service will be launched some time in 2013. During the first week of January, another rumor popped claiming that Apple was negotiating a deal with Universal and Warner, two major record labels  It was rumored then that iRadio was going to be launched in summer of 2013. Then in the first week of April, last month, it was said that Apple was close to signing the deal with record labels. However The Financial Times is reporting today that the deal is stuck in a limbo as except Universal, the Sony and Warner labels haven’t accepted Apple’s terms yet.

Universal Music has reportedly agreed to these terms and it is said to be offering its catalog for Apple’s service. The most recent offer that the company was said to have made to Sony and Warner was 12.5 cents for 100 streamed tracks, but both of them don’t find it feasible enough. FT reports that they want Apple to pay similar to what Pandora and other services pay because the company has “broader ambitions for iRadio.” If this report turns out to be true, and the service was supposed to be announced at WWDC 2013, Apple might not end up being able to do that.

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