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Apple WWDC 2014 Keynote To Include New Hardware Announcements [Report]
It has been a couple of weeks since Apple made public that this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference will kick off on June 2nd. Earlier today it announced the schedule of all the events that will take place at the conference. Even though the company has traditionally hosted a keynote on the very first day, today an official confirmation has been rolled out that the Apple WWDC 2014 keynote is locked […]

iPhone 6 Display Resolution Rumored
There is a consensus between all rumor sources that the iPhone Apple launches this year is going to have a larger display. In fact that company is expected to launch two new models with larger displays, a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch model to be precise. Obviously nothing is known for sure right now but seeing as how the community thrives on this, the rumors just keep coming in. The latest claims to bring […]

Split-Screen Multitasking Coming To iPad With iOS 8 [Rumor]
Since Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is merely a fortnight away we’re now hearing a lot of rumors about what the company might announce at the conference. We know that its going to show off new software since that’s what it does each year. Specific features are being rumored though. For example a new rumor suggests that iOS 8 might finally bring split-screen multitasking to the iPad.

iOS 8 Might Feature HD Audio Playback
In just over two weeks Apple’s top brass is going to take the stage at WWDC 2014 to unveil new software. At this year’s annual developers conference it is expected that there will be a lot of focus on the next major OS X update, apart from iOS 8, the next major update for Apple’s mobile platform. A new report suggests that iOS 8 might bring with it HD audio playback. Apple […]


Apple's WWDC Will Not Showcase Any New Hardware
Apple’s WWDC will be taking place in the middle of the year and if you were hoping that Apple would take the opportunity to announce a new product, like the iWatch or maybe a revamped Apple TV, you could be disappointed. This is according to Re/code’s John Paczkowski who claims that his sources have informed him otherwise.According to Paczkowski, “Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell Code/red that Tim Cook will […]

Next OS X Update Gets Major Redesign, Some iOS 8 Features Delayed [Report]
Next month Apple is going to conduct its annual developers event. At WWDC 2014 it is expected to unveil OS X 10.10 and iOS 8, two major updates for its desktop and mobile software. Apparently the emphasis will be on OS X 10.10 during the keynote as the software is expected to get a major redesign, similar to what iOS got when Apple first unveiled iOS 7 last year.

Next-Gen iOS Devices May Have Faster, Power Efficient LPDDR4 DRAM
Apple’s new crop of iOS devices is expected to be unveiled in the second half of 2014. This Summer, at WWDC 2014, its likely that Apple will only make software related announcements. As far as next generation iOS devices are concerned, they may be powered by Apple’s A8 processor. Micron’s LPDDR4 DRAM may be coupled with that chip, and the manufacturer claims its more fast and power efficient than rivals.

WWDC 2014 Confirmed For June 2 to June 6
Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event is back again this year, where it will kick off on June 2nd and end on June 6th. We have covered our fair share of news in recent WWDC events, and this year’s will be no different, too, with the world looking forward to see how Apple intends to move the industry in the direction that they think would have the next big thing. […]

iOS 8 To Make Notification Center Simpler, Kill Game Center App [Rumor]
In just a few months Apple is due to make its major software announcements. The world waits for official details on iOS 8, until then we will have to make our peace with rumors. Over the past few weeks there have been quite a few rumors about the next major platform update. The latest suggests that iOS 8 is going to make Notification Center a lot easier, and that it would […]

iOS 8 Will Reportedly Be Focused On Mobile Health
The trend of using electronic devices that we use every day to track out health has certainly caught on. Now there are apps for smartphones that can tell you how many steps you have taken in a day or how many calories you’ve burned, by picking up data from something such as a band that you wear around your wrist. They can do much more than that, and in the […]