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Halo: Spartan Assault Headed To Xbox One, Xbox 360 This December
Halo: Spartan Assault launched across all Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices earlier this year, leaving many fans of the series feeling rightfully left out if they didn’t own either. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that fans of the Halo series probably own an Xbox 360 and will most likely purchase an Xbox One. We have good news for you then as Halo: Spartan Assault is headed […]

Titanfall Headed To Xbox One, 360, PC On March 11, 2014
One of the most highly-anticipated Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC first-person shooter game has got to be Titanfall as we certainly have been smitten with all of the content we’ve seen regarding the game over the past few months. We know the game will be a serious multiplayer experience as players will run around as pilots who are able to call down giant mechs called Titans that can do […]

Xbox 360 Receives PBS App
Gamers are probably very well aware they can use their consoles for other things besides playing video games. Microsoft is actually betting big on the future of the Xbox One doing everything else in addition to playing video games. Netflix, Hulu and even The CW have their own dedicated applications that allow Xbox 360 owners to watch streaming video on their respective networks, and PBS is now making its content […]

Microsoft Xbox 360 Has Sold 80 Million And Counting
Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console is expected to see a release in November and based on this, we can expect that Xbox 360 sales will slow down as gamers start turning towards the next-gen console. However as it stands, Microsoft has announced that they have managed to sell 80 million Xbox 360 units worldwide, although the catch here is that the 80 million figure is based on the number of […]


PS3 Dethrones Xbox 360 As Top Selling Console For September
For quite a while now Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been holding the number one position in the US in terms of sales, but it looks like after a 32-month long streak, Sony has finally broken Microsoft’s streak and now claims the best-selling console in the US for the month of September. This is according to the latest figures released by NPD. According to NPD analyst (via, Liam Callahan, one […]

50% More Gamers Prefer Xbox 360 For Online Gaming Than The PS3
When it comes to playing online on console, Sony PlayStation gamers get PSN, while Xbox gamers get Xbox Live. Given that Xbox Live requires a paid subscription to play, and PSN is basically free, you would think that gamers would flock more to the free option, right? Well interestingly enough it turns out that more gamers play on the Xbox Live compared to the PSN. This is according to NPD’s […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Headed To PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, PC
With the next generation of video game consoles just over a month away from being released, many gamers will be battling between keeping their older consoles active in their premier gaming location, or if it’ll become downgraded to be played in a spare room with a much more basic gaming setup. Fighting game fans who have been enjoying Injustice: Gods Among Us won’t have to make that difficult decision as […]

Xbox Live Gold Goes Free This Weekend
If you’re not an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you’re probably aware that you’re missing out on a ton of content as you aren’t able to play online multiplayer games or watch streaming video services such as Netflix with an Xbox Live Silver account. Spending $50 per year is probably something not a lot of people want to do, especially when Sony offers similar features on its PlayStation Network for the […]

Halo 3 Is Free For Xbox 360 Gold Members On October 16
During Microsoft’s press conference at this year’s E3, the company announced its Games with Gold program, which would allow select games to be completely free to download, as long as you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. During the press conference, Microsoft promoted Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3 would be one of the first games available for free through the new program. Assassin’s Creed 2 saw its time in the Games […]

Some Xbox 360 Banned By Microsoft For Exploiting Loophole
It seems that for a while now, there were some Xbox 360 gamers who were well aware that Microsoft had been releasing some games for free in lesser known markets, like in Oman and Bosnia, titles which would have otherwise cost them money if they were to buy it from the Microsoft Xbox Live marketplace in the US. What they did was that they created accounts that were supposedly based […]

Some Xbox 360 Models Get Temporary Price Cut
The old is set to fade away each time something new comes, and in this case, the Xbox 360 looks set to ride into the sunset as the Xbox One is due to roll out in the US as well as in Europe in under two months’ time. The thing is, being an early adopter, especially in the world of video game consoles, can be quite a costly affair, which […]

GTA 5 Crashing For Older Xbox 360 Consoles
Rockstar’s recently released Grand Theft Auto 5 has been designed for both the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in mind (PC and next-gen console support have yet to be announced), however it seems that owners of older Xbox 360 models are reporting that they are unable to enjoy the game properly as the game has been crashing continuously. According to reports, this stems from gamers who might have […]

Rainbow Six: Vegas Available For Free Through Xbox Live 'Game With Gold'
Microsoft announced during their E3 2013 presentation they would be making select titles available for free for its Xbox Live Gold subscribers. One of the first titles to be made available through Xbox Live’s “Games With Gold” program was Assassin’s Creed 2, and this week, another Ubisoft title has been chosen to be given away for free to Xbox Live Gold members.

Don't Install GTA 5 'Play' Disc On Xbox 360, Rockstar Advises
GTA 5 for Xbox 360 comes on two discs. It is mandatory load up the “install” disc on the console’s hard drive, and while there’s nothing stopping gamers from installing the second “play” disc on their console’s hard drive, Rockstar advises that they don’t do that. Rockstar made this recommendation through a tweet, telling users that they shouldn’t install the second disc “for optimal performance.”The installation of the first disk […]

R2-D2 With Built-In Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Now Available For $800
Over the past couple of years, we’ve highlighted the R2-D2 multi-console game system, which allows you to play both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 within the famous droid’s small frame. That R2-D2 housed a built-in projector which allows you to game on any wall in your home at any time, and it looks like a similar R2-D2 multi-console game system has just made its way to Etsy where you […]

GTA 5 For Xbox 360 Sold Out At Amazon
The Xbox 360 might have been around for a fair number of years already, but does this mean it has already run out of top tier games for the masses to enjoy? While many folks are looking forward to the new next generation consoles (Xbox One and Sony PS4), current generation consoles still pack quite a punch and the ability to draw top titles such as Grand Theft Auto 5, […]

Fable Anniversary Release Date Pushed Back To February 2014
Microsoft and Lionhead Studios announced earlier this year Fable Anniversary would be headed to the Xbox 360 “holiday this year.” It looks like it’ll be missing the holidays as Fable Anniversary lead designer Ted Timmins announced the game would be hit with a delay.Just how long of a delay could Fable fans expect? Well – Fable Anniversary is expected to now release in February 2014, nearly three months after the […]

Xbox One Launch Availability Expected To Be Better Than Xbox 360
The Xbox One is set to be released on November 22 across 13 different regions, which just so happens to be the same exact day the Xbox 360 launched in North America back in 2005. If you were one of those lucky enough to have pre-ordered the Xbox 360, you probably know too well just how scarce they were to find at its launch. Microsoft executive Phil Spencer wants to […]

Microsoft Adds Jinni Engine To Improve Xbox Video Recommendations
We know how important it is to have nearly every device in your living room connected to the Internet so you can stream video from a number of different content providers, but one thing people take for granted is how difficult it is for some of these devices to recommend content based on a variety of options. Netflix, YouTube and even video game consoles all have recommendation systems to place […]

Xbox 360 Support Could End In 2016, Says Microsoft
Microsoft recently announced that their Xbox One video game console is going to launch to the masses this coming November 22nd, which would mark exactly eight years to the day that the existing Xbox 360 was released. Having said that, I am quite sure that many of us would ask ourselves just how much longer will Microsoft as well as game publishers offer support for the Xbox 360. That is […]