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Xbox Game Pass Gets Devil May Cry 4 And NBA Playgrounds Next Month
Microsoft launched its Xbox Game Pass service earlier this year. Subscribers pay $9.99 per month for the service which provides them access to more than 100 games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The entire library remains available to subscribers as long as they keep paying for the service. Microsoft has now revealed the two upcoming titles that will be added to the library next month. They include Devil […]

Xbox Game Pass Gets Seven New Titles Next Month
Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Pass program earlier this year. It’s a Netflix-style subscription service that provides access to a library of games that subscribers can access as long as they keep paying for the service. Microsoft promised that it will continue adding new titles to the library and it’s following through on that promise. Xbox Game Pass is going to get seven new games next month.

Xbox Game Pass Games List Will Receive 5 Additions Every Month
Microsoft announced its Xbox Game Pass service a couple of weeks back. It allows subscribers to pay a set fee per month and then download games from a library that includes some great titles. Microsoft previously said that it will expand the library to ensure that there’s always something new to play. The company has now confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass games list will receive “at least” 5 new […]

Xbox Game Pass Live For Everyone
Microsoft’s new subscription service for Xbox owners is now live. It’s called Xbox Game Pass and the company previously launched it for Xbox Live Gold subscribers only. It’s a Netflix-style subscription program which provides users with access to a large library of games that they can download and play as long as they pay $10 per month for the service. Xbox Game Pass is now live for any and all […]


Xbox Game Pass Early Sign-Ups Have Been Strong
Microsoft recently announced when its Xbox Game Pass service is going to be live. Think of it as Netflix for Xbox games. You pay a set subscription fee every month and get to download a wide variety of games from the library that continues to increase over time. The initial response appears to have been good as Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that early signs and feedback for […]

Xbox Game Pass Subscription Offers Over 100 Games For $10 Per Month
If you’d like to have access to a handful of games for a set subscription price per month, look no further than EA Access for Xbox One, but your choice was limited to that particular program because there wasn’t much competition. Not anymore, though, as Microsoft is has launched a similar service. The company today introduced Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that costs $10 per month and provides access […]