Microsoft Reveals Xbox Game Pass For PC Price

Microsoft recently confirmed that it’s going to extend the Xbox Game Pass service to the PC. The service was first launched for the Xbox console and it allows subscribers to access a library of more than 100 games as long as they keep paying for it. Ahead of its E3 2019 press event later today, Microsoft has now revealed the Xbox Game Pass for PC price.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Game Pass For PC

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service provides subscribers with access to a library of more than 100 games on Xbox consoles. Players can play these games to their heart’s content as long as they’re subscribed to the service. Many have been calling on Microsoft to bring this service to the PC as well and the company has obliged. Microsoft has confirmed Xbox Game Pass for PC today.

Microsoft May Combine Xbox Live And Game Pass Into A Single Subscription

As rumors about a disc-less Xbox One continue to pick up, it appears that Microsoft is going to launch a new subscription which will combine its Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscription offerings. It may be introduced as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which would cost $14.99 per month. It’s expected that this subscription service may be announced alongside the disc-less Xbox One S next month.

Minecraft Coming To Xbox Game Pass Next Month

An Xbox Game Pass subscription provides you with access to a library of more than 100 games that you can continue to play as long as you’re paying for the service. Microsoft regularly adds more titles to the library so that there’s always something new for players to try out. It’s now adding one of its most prized properties to the service. Minecraft is landing on Xbox Game Pass.


Batman Arkham And Alien Isolation Joining Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s Netflix-style game subscription service for Xbox owners. Subscribers pay a monthly amount to get access to an expanding library of titles. Microsoft continues to add some pretty cool titles to the library, the latest addition being that of Batman Arkham and Alien Isolation.

Xbox Game Pass New Games For January 2019 Revealed

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s Netflix-style game subscription service, is expanding its library this month with several additions. The library has more than 100 titles that subscribers can access as long as they keep paying for Game Pass. Microsoft regularly adds new games to the lineup so that subscribers always have access to titles that they may not have played before.

Xbox Game Pass Gets Three New Games Next Month

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s Netflix-style service. It provides users with access to a library of more than 100 titles as long as they keep paying for the service. Microsoft continues to add more titles to its library and the company has announced today that Xbox Game Pass will get three new titles in December 2018.

PUBG Lands On Xbox Game Pass Tomorrow

Your subscription to Microsoft’s Netflix-style game service will get one of the most popular titles on the planet tomorrow. Microsoft has confirmed that it’s adding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG to Xbox Game Pass. The service allows users to play any and all games in the library and keep them for as long as they want provided that they keep paying for Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Offers Forza Bundle With Xbox Game Pass For $99

If you have yet to pick up Forza Horizon 3 or Forza Motorsport 7, Microsoft is now offering a great bundle which will get you both games in addition to a year’s subscription to Xbox Game Pass for $99. The bundle offers great value for money and is now available for a limited time. Microsoft is offering this bundle ahead of the upcoming launch of Forza Horizon 4 on October […]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Joins Xbox Game Pass Lineup Next Month

Microsoft Studios confirmed today during the special Gamescom edition of Inside Xbox that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will join the Xbox Game Pass lineup next month. The title is a package of the first four Halo games for the Xbox One. It will be available for free to all those who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Sea Of Thieves Headed To Xbox Game Pass Next Month

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s Netflix-style subscription service for Xbox games. Subscribers pay a set fee every month to access a library of more than 100 titles that they can download and play as long as they’re paying for the subscription. Microsoft has now revealed that it’s adding some new titles to the service in the coming month and Sea of Thieves is one of them.

Xbox Game Pass Will Offer Xbox Exclusive Titles On Launch Day

Microsoft launched its Xbox Game Pass game streaming service last year. It’s like Netflix but for games. Subscribers have to pay a fee every month and they can access a wide variety of games which they can download and keep playing as long as they’re paying for the service. Microsoft has said that it’s going to bring its own exclusive Xbox games pushed through Microsoft Studios to the Xbox Game […]

Xbox Game Pass Gets 10 New Titles In January

The $9.99 per month Xbox Game Pass service was launched by Microsoft earlier this year. The subscription service is like Netflix for Xbox games. Subscribers get access to an entire library of games that they can download on their Xbox One and Xbox 360 as long as they keep paying the fee. Microsoft continues to add new titles to the library. It previously confirmed that Devil May Cry 4 and […]

Xbox Live Gold And Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Are Down To $1

Microsoft was selling cheap Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions on Black Friday. If you were unable to take advantage of those deals, you might want to pay attention. Microsoft has reduced the price of both subscribers down to $1 for a limited time. As is the case with most promotional offers, there’s a catch.