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Galaxy Note CyanogenMod 10 now available
Good news for folks who use custom ROMs on their Galaxy Note. CyanogenMod 10 is now available for your phablet and is waiting to be loaded. While it’s only a preview version of the final ROM, it is said to be faster than Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for the device (if you run stock ICS on the device you probably understand how it feels). However, it’s not without its faults. […]

Want an extra 23GB for your Dropbox account?
If you’ve got an Android device and you’re running low on space for your Dropbox account – or you just feel like giving yourself a lot of extra storage for free, you’re in luck. The folks over at XDA-developers have released a Dropbox APK that gives users and extra 23GB of space for 2 years – for free. While they didn’t explain what they did, we assume they extracted the […]

Hulu Plus app modified to support more Android devices
Just like the Netflix app when it was launched, the Hulu Plus app on Android on supported a few devices at first, and only slowly added support for more devices over time. Unfortunately the support is being added at a very slow rate, and the app won’t work on a lot of devices yet. Well, some people didn’t feel like waiting around for an official version of the app and […]

Xperia PLAY gets Ice Cream Sandwich
Xperia PLAY owners sure are in for a treat. After getting OnLive compatibility yesterday, it looks like they’re in for another treat soon. Some developers have managed to successfully port Ice Cream Sandwich over to the gaming handset. And just like most first version of custom ROMs – you can expect parts not to be working. But hey – having Ice Cream Sandwich is better than not having it at […]


Galaxy Tab 8.9 unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on the way
Samsung has previously confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich will be arriving on its Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets sometime in 2012. However it looks like the hardworking folks over at XDA-developers might just beat the Korean manufacturer to the punch: a group of developers have managed to successfully port Android 4.0.3 over to the 8.9″ Galaxy Tab.

Motorola DROID gets Ice Cream Sandwich
While official support for the original Motorola DROID ended a long time ago, the folks over at XDA-developers still refuse to let the phone die and for a good reason too. After working hard on it, a developer has managed to successfully create a working Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROM for the Motorola DROID. While it is a “pre-pre-alpha” build, which means you won’t be able to use it as […]

Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich ROM hits release candidate
While Samsung has chosen not to officially support the original Galaxy S when it comes to dishing out Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the folks over at XDA-developers aren’t giving up hope and are hard at work doing it themselves. They’ve finally come up with the first release candidate version of the Samsung Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich ROM.

Motorola XOOM gets Ice Cream Sandwich unofficially
The Motorola XOOM is the first tablet to get Android Honeycomb, and it looks like it will be one of the first tablets to get Ice Cream Sandwich as well. The folks over at XDA-developers have managed to come up with an almost fully working version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Motorola XOOM, and according to reports online it’s working pretty well. There are minor quirks like Netflix, the […]

HTC Desire running Ice Cream Sandwich (video)
Great news HTC Desire owners – it looks like you’ll soon be able to enjoy the all the goodness of the latest version of Android on your aging handset. Developers have been working on an Ice Cream Sandwich port for the phone and it looks like they’ve had a breakthrough recently. The folks over at XDA-developers have announced the beta release of the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the phone […]

HTC Puccini ROM leaked
HTC Flyers and developers, are you looking forward to seeing what the HTC Puccini will be bringing to the table? If you are the good news is that a leak for the HTC Puccini ROM has been discovered by an XDA forum member, ikingblack.

Froyo for Samsung Continuum leaks
Remember the other Galaxy S phone that was released on Verizon? No not the Fascinate, the other one. The special variant that was released with an extra tiny display under the main screen? In case you haven’t gotten the answer yet – it’s the Continuum we’re talking about. While just when we thought Samsung/Verizon has forgotten about it, a very special update for the phone has managed to leak onto […]

HTC EVO 3D torn apart on video
Ever wanted to know what goes into your HTC EVO 3D Android device to create the eye-popping glasses-free 3D effects? Want to find out? Two guys from XDA-developers decided to give the HTC EVO 3D a customary teardown to see what makes it tick (surprisingly they managed to get it done before the folks at iFixit). Inside they found nothing out of the ordinary – apart from all the dual-stereoscopic […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango ROM leaked but not for phones
If you can’t wait to get your hands on the upcoming version of Windows Phone 7, Mango on your WP7 device, we can’t help you there. But for those of you who don’t mind just trying out an emulation of the operating system on your computer, good news. The folks over at XDA-developers have managed to extract the Windows Phone 7.1 Build 7629 Mango ROM from the SDK emulator image. […]

Unlock your Galaxy S II with an app from the Android Market
Tired of having to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S II to arrive on our shores? Well, it looks like you won’t have to anymore. Thanks to the folks at XDA-developers, they’ve managed to come up with the Galaxy S II SIM Unlocker that can let you free your phone from its carrier-locked state to allow you to use any SIM card you want in the phone. This means you […]