Hulu PlusJust like the Netflix app when it was launched, the Hulu Plus app on Android on supported a few devices at first, and only slowly added support for more devices over time. Unfortunately the support is being added at a very slow rate, and the app won’t work on a lot of devices yet. Well, some people didn’t feel like waiting around for an official version of the app and decided to take things into their own hands.

A XDA-developer user, Vgeezy, modified the Hulu Plus app and has made it usable on just about every Android device, including tablets. It wasn’t mentioned how it was done but it involved making some key changes to the file. A Hulu Plus subscription is required to use the app (no, you won’t get your Hulu premium content for free), but the app itself is free. No rooting or fancy hacks required – just download and install the APK. Head over to XDA-developers for a link to the file.

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