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Zeiss’ ZX1 Full-Frame Compact Camera Is Finally Available For Pre-Order
Zeiss is a company that some of you might be familiar with when it comes to camera lenses, especially those found in Sony’s cameras. However, back in 2018, the company announced its first full-frame compact camera, the ZX1. Now after about two years since its announcement, the camera is finally available for pre-order.

ZEISS ZX1 Customers Won’t Need An Adobe Subscription
Last month ZEISS, probably best known for their lenses, announced their first full-frame camera in the form of the ZX1. One of the unique points of the camera is how it will come with Adobe Lightroom CC integrated into the camera itself, meaning that photographers can snap photos and edit them all within the camera.

ZEISS ZX1 Is The Company’s First Full-Frame Digital Camera
ZEISS is a company that many might associate more with its lenses that can be found on Sony cameras. However it seems that the company is expanding its portfolio and is now entering the full-frame camera business with the launch of the ZEISS ZX1, the company’s first full-frame digital camera.

ZEISS To Create Lens Accessories For Smartphones
When it comes to lens accessories for smartphones, you have companies like Olloclip, Moment, and Schneider Optics to choose from. However apart from Schneider Optics, neither Olloclip nor Moment really operate in the camera market save for their lens attachments for smartphones.Now if you’re looking for more lens accessories for your smartphone but would prefer someone more established, you might be interested to learn that ZEISS has recently announced that […]


New Zeiss Lenses For Sony Cameras Have Built-In OLED Screens
Camera lenses typically come with some form of marking on them. This is to indicate focal length and in some cases, it will also be able to indicate its aperture as well. However it seems that Zeiss thinks that such display methods are a bit old fashion as the company has recently unveiled their new Zeiss Batis lenses for Sony’s mirrorless cameras.The lenses itself are pretty standard fare, but the […]