Why Google Didn’t Kill The Headphone Jack On The Pixel 3a

Recently, Google announced their latest Pixel smartphone in the form of the Pixel 3a and 3a XL. These are mid-ranged Pixel smartphones that come with affordable prices, but if there is one notable difference between these phones and the Pixel 3 is that it actually comes with a headphone jack.

Spotify Will Soon Be Getting Its Own ‘Stories’

What started out as a Snapchat feature has slowly become a standard feature that we’re seeing in other apps. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re talking about the Stories feature. This allows users to post temporary content that won’t be part of their main profile.

Skullcandy Challenges Apple’s AirPods With $80 Offering

Despite Apple’s AirPods not necessarily offering up the best battery life nor the best sound quality, they seem to be massively popular. Part of the appeal, we imagine, is how it can seamlessly pair with Apple’s iOS devices. This is versus regular Bluetooth headphones where sometimes the connection can just drop out of the blue.

Someone’s Selling The OG iPod On eBay For $20,000

Apple has, over the years, created a variety of products that has had its share of failures and successes. One of Apple’s biggest success stories which changed the way we listen to music, consumed music, and potentially played a role in the creation of the iPhone, is none other than the iPod.


Qualcomm Announces Smart Headset Platform At Google I/O

Qualcomm is rolling out the QCC5100 Series processor aimed at smart headsets at Google I/O to help hardware vendors build product faster and better.

Apple’s Powerbeats Pro Headphones Have A IPX4 Rating

While many have no doubt been using Apple’s AirPods headphones for their workouts, we should note that they are not waterproof in any way, meaning that if they were to get wet from excessive sweating, there is a chance you could ruin them. However, if you’d like the ease of use of the AirPods but with better water protection, the Powerbeats Pro could be worth your consideration.

AirPods 3 Could Come Later This Year With A New Design

Earlier this year, Apple launched the AirPods 2 which to be honest, wasn’t a particularly impressive launch. It is because for the most part, the AirPods 2 is still the same AirPods, except with better battery life and also support for wireless charging, but now it seems like a set of AirPods with a redesign could be launched later this year.

How To Transfer Music From iTunes To Android

If you’re an iOS or macOS user who has since moved to an Android device but want to transfer your iTunes music library to your new Android phone, here’s how you can do it.

Master & Dynamic MW65 Noise-Cancelling Headphones Announced

The thing with more audiophile-friendly headphone brands is that they tend to stay away from more “gimmicky” features. There is a reason why quite a few brands have abstained from features like Bluetooth or noise-cancellation. This is because a lot of these brands would much prefer to focus on the sound and to be honest, we can’t fault them for that.

How To Make Custom Ringtones For Your iPhone

If you feel that the current ringtones offered on the iPhone are a bit boring, check out our guide above that will show you the steps needed to put together your own custom ringtone for your iPhone.

Man Accidentally Swallows AirPod, Poops It Out And It’s Still Working

In what seems like a rather bizarre and almost unbelievable story, a man in Taiwan fell asleep and woke up to find that he had accidentally swallowed one of his AirPods. He then tried to locate it using iPhone tracking feature, only to discover in horror that the sound emanating from the AirPod was coming from inside of him.

Your Netflix Shows Are About To Sound A Lot Better

When it comes to enjoying your TV shows and movies, obviously video quality plays a big role in determining your experience, but let’s not forget about audio quality as well. After all, there is a reason why many cinemas use high-end audio equipment, and why there are many who don’t mind spending that money to upgrade their own home entertainment systems as well.

Powerbeats Pro Will Be Available For Pre-Order May 3

Following the launch of the second-gen AirPods, it was rumored (and later confirmed) that Apple would be launching a Beats-version of the AirPods. The headphones in question is known as the Powerbeats Pro and if you are interested in the headphones, you will be pleased to learn that it will be available for pre-order starting next month.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Hands-on Review at IFA GPC 19

Sennheiser unveiled its impressive and pricey soundbar in January at CES and today at IFA GPC I could get a sneak peek of the audio performance. Sennheiser is best known for the audio quality of its headphones, and with the AMBEO, the German company proves it can master great sound in a home theater system as well.