Apple Has Reportedly Sold 3 Million HomePods In The US

Compared to the competition, Apple’s HomePods are more expensive. They also don’t seem as robust in terms of smart features compared to the others as well, although we suppose this is more of a limitation of Siri than the speakers themselves. However Apple has always insisted that the HomePod is a speaker first, although admittedly it’s hard not to compare. Is Officially Done

For a moment in time, you might have seen a slew of videos of people dancing and lip syncing to songs via, a short-form video app that allowed users to be creative when it came to lip syncing their favorite songs. However it seems that is no more as the app is no longer available.

Google Assistant Could Arrive On Sonos Speakers By End Of The Year

Early last year Sonos expressed their interest in getting digital assistant baked into its speakers. For Sonos users this sounded like a great idea and it was a wish that later came true when Sonos launched speakers with Amazon’s Alexa built into them. However if you’re more of a Google Assistant user, not to worry.

Twelve South Unveils AirSnap Leather Case For Your AirPods

Apple’s AirPods come with a case of its own. This case has been designed to not only keep your AirPods in place so you don’t lose them (assuming you don’t lose the case), but they also keep your AirPods charged. Now if you’re the type that likes to keep your gadgets in pristine condition, then maybe a case for the case might be worth considering.


Logitech Announces They’ll Be Acquiring Blue Microphones

Logitech is home to a variety of peripherals mostly designed for the PC. This comes in the form of keyboards, mice, webcams, speakers, and so on. However if there is something that Logitech seems to be missing from its lineup, it would be a series of dedicated microphones. However it looks like that problem has been solved.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Confirms HomePod’s Ability To Make Phone Calls

A report from earlier this month revealed that in a private beta testing of HomePod OS 12, it was discovered that Apple could be getting ready to launch a feature for the HomePod in which it would support making phone calls. For those wondering about it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the reports were true.

Best Buy & Target Are Phasing Out Sales Of CDs

Nowadays with digital distribution of music and movies, the physical medium is no longer as prevalent as it once was. There are some who still prefer physical media formats like the CD, but that’s clearly not as big as a market as it once was, so much so that it isn’t surprising that retailers such as Best Buy and Target are reportedly phasing out CD sales.

Latest iOS 12 Beta Reveals AirPods Wireless Charging Case

One of the new products that Apple announced last year came in the form of the AirPower wireless charging mat. Based on photos, the wireless charging mat would allow users to charge devices like the iPhone, the Apple Watch, and also the AirPods, although the latter would require a separate wireless charging case.

Amazon Launches Alexa Cast For Better Music Playback Control

With features like AirPlay and Google Cast, users of either iOS or Android devices have the option of sending content from their mobile devices, like their smartphones, to compatible devices like speakers, TVs, and so on. Now it looks like Amazon wants in on that action and has since launched a new feature called Alexa Cast.

Spotify Is Now Boasting 83 Million Paid Subscribers

Back in May, Spotify announced that they had managed to hit 75 million paid subscribers worldwide. This was huge as it meant that Spotify managed to retain their lead as the biggest platform for music streaming. Fast forward a couple of months later, it looks like they are still maintaining their lead.

Samsung’s Bixby Speaker Could Be Called ‘Magbee’

With Amazon and Google experiencing a huge amount of success with its smart speakers, it’s not surprising that other companies such as Samsung have tossed their hat into the ring. In fact the rumors are claiming that Samsung’s Bixby-powered smart speaker could be launched in the coming weeks.

Spotify Will Use Your Listening Habits To Suggest Festivals To Visit

There are music festivals for pretty much any genre of music, and while some festivals are pretty mainstream and well-known, there might be a ton of others that you might not be aware of. To that end Spotify wants to help you with that and have teamed up with Festicket to recommend users festivals to go to based on your listening habits.

Alexa Can Now Be Used To Control Equalizer And Sound Settings

Alexa can be used to control all kinds of things around the house as long as they are connected to it and part of the network. This includes lighting, thermostats, locks, and more, but now it looks like Amazon has given Alexa a new set of skills which comes in the form of being able to control equalizer and sound settings on your speakers.

HomePod OS 12 Private Beta Reveals New Siri Features

With Amazon’s Alexa and Echo speakers touting a ton of functionality across various connected objects, one of the main criticisms of Apple’s HomePod is that it seems to be lacking in the “smarts” department. To be fair Apple has marketed the speaker as being more audio-focused, but given that it houses Siri, it’s hard not to draw the comparisons.