JBL Link Bar Delayed, Might Only Ship In 2019

Earlier this year JBL unveiled the Link Bar. This is a soundbar that also doubles as an Android TV and also comes with Google Assistant, meaning that it is essentially an all-in-one system that will not only enhance the sound from your existing TV, but gives it smart TV features, and also has a digital assistant that you can control with your voice.

Nokia True Wireless, Pro Wireless Earphones Announced

Just like how wired internet connections tend to be faster and more stable compared to wireless, the same can be said for wired headphones, but then there is also the convenience factor where you don’t need to worry about cables, plus with smartphones these days ditching the headphone jack, it’s easy to see why more are turning to wireless options.

Spotify Opening Up Podcasts To All

In this day and age, a microphone and some recording equipment will allow anyone to have their voice heard. However distributing your content is a different story, and for podcasters looking to be able to reach Spotify’s tens of millions of users, you’ll be pleased to learn that you will soon be able to list your podcasts to the platform.

Tidal Can Now Be Streamed On Samsung Smart TVs

When you think of music streaming platforms, you might think of them on smartphones, tablets, computers, and maybe even smartwatches. However it looks like Tidal has decided to expand their streaming services to smart TVs, or to be more specific, the company has struck up a partnership with Samsung to do just that.


The DUO Is A Turntable For The Modern Home

These days with all the focus being placed on digital music, some might find it hard to recall a time when music was only available via physical mediums, such as CDs, cassette tapes, or vinyl. In recent times we’ve seen vinyl make a comeback and if you’re looking for a turntable to enjoy your growing vinyl collection on, the DUO might be of interest to you.

Garmin Adds Spotify Integration With Its Smartwatches

Exercising while listening to music is a great way to get in the zone and to tune out any distractions around you. For fitness enthusiasts who rely on Garmin’s smartwatches to keep track of their activity, you’ll be pleased to learn that Garmin has since announced that they’ll be integrating Spotify into some of its smartwatches.

Apple Music To Get Exclusive Ministry Of Sound Playlists

Exclusives are a great way to try and tempt people to buy your product or sign up for your service, and it looks like Spotify could have been dealt a pretty big blow as it has been revealed that Apple Music will soon be getting exclusive Ministry of Sound playlists that will be available starting on the 4th of October, 2018.

Apple Slashes Prices Of Its BeatsX Headphones To $120

Wireless earbuds are a trend these days which we imagine that Apple and their AirPods probably helped to popularize. However in case you’re not a fan of these wireless earbuds and prefer something a bit more “secure”, then there are other options out there, such as Apple’s BeatsX which is a wireless pair of earphones connected with a cable between the earbuds.

OnePlus Explains Why They Ditched The Headphone Jack On The OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T has yet to be officially announced, but yet several features of the upcoming phone have already been confirmed. For starters we know that the phone will be featuring an in-display fingerprint sensor, and last we heard, the phone would also be ditching the headphone jack.

Microsoft Launches Noise-Cancelling Surface Headphones

Microsoft is a company known primarily for their software such as Windows and Office, and to a certain extent hardware as well, such as with their Surface lineup of computers and tablets. However it seems that Microsoft is now branching into audio devices as the company has officially announced the Surface Headphones.

How To Listen To Spotify In Any Browser

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services out there. While it is mostly being used on iPhone and Android devices, Spotify has a web player which does not require you to download the program itself. In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you to access Spotify’s web player on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and any other browser out there.

Spotify Cracking Down On Friends Who Share Family Plans

Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have family plans, in which in theory, families could share a plan where it would be much cheaper than if everyone were to sign up for it individually. Unsurprisingly some have abused these plans, where groups of friends share them instead of families.

Razer Nari Ultimate Headset Lets You ‘Feel’ Your Games

A lot of high-end gaming headsets we’ve seen offer up features such as virtual surround sound. Features like that typically help to enhance the gaming experience, and can be useful in helping pinpoint the direction that the enemy is coming from. However it seems that Razer wants to take things to the next level with its Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset.

Apple Music Converting Paying Customers 2.5 Faster Than Spotify

Unlike Spotify which offers an ad-based free listening tier, Apple Music can only be accessed by those who pay for its subscription (assuming your three-month trial has ended). This means that Apple needs paid customers to keep its services profitable and successful, whereas Spotify can still rely on revenue generated by ads.