Music Streaming Now Accounts For 80% Of The US Market
The medium in which we consume our music has evolved and changed over the years, where we would listen to music on vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, and so on. Digital music has also been extremely popular due to our smartphones and computers, but even then on the digital front, we’re seeing a shift.

Klipsch Launches True Wireless Earbuds With AI And Gesture Controls
One of the selling points of true wireless earbuds is not necessarily their sound, but their portability. Due to their size and lack of wires and connecting cables, it makes it easy to toss into a bag and you can wear them out without standing out in a crowd. However, if you wished that these earbuds offered up more functionality, you might be in luck.

Klipsch Launches A Pair Of Noise-Cancelling Headphones With 30 Hours Battery Life
Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly common these days, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you don’t like dealing with cables. The downside is that wireless headphones rely on battery, which means that you need to make sure they’re charged if you don’t want them to die halfway.

Microsoft Patents A Smart Speaker With A Built-In Pico Projector
In the smart speaker space, it’s safe to say that Google and Amazon are currently dominating. For the most part, they are all similar in functionality, where they let you interact with digital assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. We are also seeing smart displays, which are essentially smart speakers with a built-in display.


LG Unveils New Lineup Of Soundbars
The problem with your regular speaker designs is that they can be bulky. If you don’t have a particularly huge living room or if you want to place it in your bedroom, then it can take up precious space. This is where soundbars come in, where due to their more slim design, they can be easily placed under your TV, thus taking up less room.

AirPods Pro Offers Improvement In Bluetooth Latency
It wasn’t too long ago that Apple released the AirPods Pro. The earbuds introduced improved audio quality over the regular AirPods and also offers active noise-cancelling features. However, it seems that under the hood, Apple might have actually done more than what was advertised, one of which includes improvements in Bluetooth latency.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Images Leaked
Prior to the AirPods Pro being announced, there were rumors that Apple’s AirPods could come with active noise cancelling features, which eventually proved to be true. Now it looks like Samsung could be looking to do the same with its Galaxy Buds, and now thanks to leaked images, we have an idea of what the upcoming Galaxy Buds+ could look like.

AIAIAI TMA-2 HD Wireless Headphones Review
AIAIAI recently took the wraps off their new TMA-2 HD wireless headphones. Check out our review if you'd like an idea of how they might sound like and if these are the headphones for you.

Sony’s Successor To The WH1000XM3 Headphones Could Be Coming Soon
When it comes to wireless headphones, Bose used to pretty much dominate that space, however in the recent years, Sony introduced the WH1000XM series which has gained in popularity with each and every release. If you’ve been eyeing the headphones, you might want to hold off on buying it just yet.

AirPods Pro Units Are Being Marked Up Like Crazy By Resellers
While Apple’s iPhones are probably the company’s biggest money-maker at the moment, the company could have another hit on their hands in the form of the AirPods, where some analysts have predicted that it could bring in as much as $4 billion every quarter and could surpass the peak iPod sales.

JBL Wants To Crowdfund A Pair Of Solar-Powered Headphones
As more companies are starting to ditch the headphone jack, there is a rise in the creation of wireless headphones. However, the problem with wireless headphones is that they run out of battery, something that most wired headphones do not suffer from. However, it seems JBL is looking to solve that problem.

Google Giving Free Nest Mini Devices For International YouTube Premium And Music Subscribers
It’s not surprising that companies would want to lock you into their ecosystem. This makes sense as it means that you would keep using their products and services and eventually become too dependent on it to quit. For those who are using YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, you might be in luck.

BTS’ Lead Singer Has Lost 33 Pairs Of AirPods Worth $6,000 To Date
Apple’s AirPods headphones do not come cheap, but regardless, they still seem to be selling like hotcakes. One of the selling points of the headphones is its size, where they’re small and portable, but that is also their problem where due to their true wireless design, it would be pretty easy to lose them.

Apple’s AirPods Are Expected To Bring In $4 Billion In Quarterly Revenue
Apple’s AirPods were initially mocked when they were first launched. This was largely due to their design and price, but yet despite the initial mocking, they quickly went on to become incredibly popular. How popular, you ask? According to a recent research note by Asymco, it could be on its way to overtake iPod sales during its peak.