Apple Is Now Selling The 18W USB-C Power Adapter Separately

Unlike Android smartphones that seem to utilize technology by Qualcomm to enable fast charging, iPhone users who want to fast charge their devices will need to purchase separate accessories in order to make that happen. Now if fast charging is something you want for your iPhone, then you’ll be interested to learn that Apple is now selling its 18W USB-C power adapter by itself.

Latest Update Causing BSOD For Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 Devices

Late last month it was reported that an update to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 caused the device to fail in which it required users to send them back in for replacements. Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has been affected with bad update as well, causing the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death).

This AI-Based Wheelchair Can Be Controlled Using Facial Expressions

Wheelchairs are used by people who cannot get around normally, like walking. It can also be used by those who are severely paralyzed. Now in the past we have seen some research done where our brains could be harnessed and used to control a wheelchair, and now it seems that Intel and Brazil-based Hoobox Robotics are turning to the use of AI.

Razer Blade Stealth 2019 Launched and Available Today

Razer is praised for its high performance/size ratio elegant gaming laptops, and with its Blade Stealth series introduced in 2016, tries to address the ultra-light and high-performance market segment.


Microsoft Could Be Building A Chrome-Based Browser For Windows 10

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, they also unveiled a new browser called Edge. Edge was admittedly faster and more modern compared to Internet Explorer, which over the years became something of a joke and punchline. However unsurprisingly, many users were still unwilling to make the switch from browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

NVIDIA Titan RTX GPU Arrives For $2,500

NVIDIA teased its flagship consumer GPU, the Titan RTX, not too long ago. The company today officially unveiled this product. It’s a beast of a GPU with a price tag to match. For $2,500, customers get 72 Turing RT and 4,608 CUDA cores as well as 24GB GDDR6 VRAM. That’s a considerable improvement compared to the 68 and 4,352 cores of the RTX 2080 Ti.

Microsoft Adds Live Captions And Subtitles To PowerPoint

Microsoft will enable you to step up your PowerPoint game early next year. The company has confirmed that it’s adding live captions and subtitles to PowerPoint in 2019. This new feature has been announced to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ Foldable Device Could Launch In 2019

It seems that foldable smartphones are the next trend in mobile devices. So far we know that companies such as Samsung plan to launch such a device, although if some of you recall, they are not alone. In fact last year there were rumors suggesting that Microsoft could have a foldable device in the works codenamed “Andromeda”.

Apple Music Beta For Android Supports Tablets

If you’re subscribed to Apple Music and you’re using iOS devices like an iPhone and an iPad, then you know that Apple Music works across either device. However for those on Android, it is a different story, but for Android users who are subscribed to Apple Music, you might be interested to learn that the latest beta for the app now supports tablets.

Chrome OS Will Soon Be Able To Request For Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile-friendly websites aren’t automatically generated and it is the onus of the developer to create a theme friendly for mobile. However sometimes mobile websites lack certain features that the desktop version has, which is why users using mobile browsers have the option to request for the desktop version of the website.

BlackMagic eGPU Pro Delayed To December

One of the criticisms of Apple’s computers is that generally-speaking, they’re not upgrade-friendly. This means that you will need to decide when making your order whether or not those are the specs you’ll be okay with using for the next few years. This is versus PCs where you can easily swap out RAM, GPU, storage, and so on.

iOS 12 Adoption Hits The 75% Mark

It has been less than six months since Apple released iOS 12, but it seems that three quarters of iOS devices have been found to be running the software. This is according to the numbers by Mixpanel in which it suggests that iOS 12 adoption has managed to cross slightly above the 75% mark, putting it well ahead of iOS 11’s adoption rate.

Dell Confirms Hacking Attempt On Its Network

These days it’s starting to feel like big companies with a lot of resources that could be spent on protecting their data are experiencing data breaches. Either this is a lax in security or hackers and hacking tools have gotten considerably more sophisticated. In fact Dell themselves have recently experienced a hacking attempt on its network.

Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over Lack Of Dust Filters On MacBooks, iMacs

Due to the fact that our computers can sometimes run a bit hot under intense operations, this is why there are various spots that allow for air to come in and be sucked out to help cool it down. This also means that dust can get in, but that’s why when it comes to desktop computers, a lot of them actually come with dust filters that can be easily removed […]