NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU Driver Update Adds 30-Bit Color Support

Owners of GeForce RTX GPUs, particularly professionals, will be happy with the announcement that NVIDIA has made today. The company has confirmed it’s going to roll out a new Studio driver update for these GPUs which finally brings support for 30-bit (10bpc) color support in OpenGL applications. This applies for both GeForce and Titan GPUs.

16-inch MacBook Pro With Narrow Bezels Confirmed In New Report

For a while now, we have been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on a new 16-inch MacBook Pro that could be coming later this year. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but it was reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who’s had an excellent track record when it comes to predicting Apple’s plans.

Apple Registers A Couple Of New iPad Models In Eurasian Database

According to the rumors, Apple could have a couple of new iPads in the works. Apple typically refreshes their iPads on an annual basis, and this time, we have heard that Apple could be planning on launching two new models in the form of a new 10.2-inch model option and also a refresh to its 10.5-inch iPad.

WhatsApp For iPad Could Be In The Works

WhatsApp has evolved over the years from being an app exclusive to smartphones, to being made available on the desktop. However, if there is one platform that WhatsApp has yet to truly support, it would be tablets. This is largely due to WhatsApp requiring the user to have a phone number, something that tablets do not typically have.


This AI Tool Can Detect Text Written By Another AI

The development of AI has advanced far enough where certain pieces of news can actually be written up by a computer without any input from humans. This can be dangerous because it also means that since computers don’t need sleep, it could be weaponized where it could be used to churn out fake news after fake news.

Apple’s Revamped MacBook Keyboard Could Arrive This Year After All

Apple’s MacBook keyboards are terrible. You can take a quick look on the forums on the internet where the general consensus is that not only are they not particularly nice to type on, but their durability has some serious issues where in the past, we’ve heard how debris getting under the keys is enough to render them useless.

Google Pixelbook 2 Has Apparently Stopped By The FCC

An FCC listing spotted today suggests that it might be for the Google Pixelbook successor. It has quite a lot of similarities with other listings seen previously for a Google Chromebook. This suggests that Google may be launching a Pixelbook 2 at some point later this year, as many have been expecting already.

TwelveSouth Unveils New StayGo USB-C Hub With Retractable Cable

With the majority of laptop makers starting to ditch previous-gen ports in favor of USB-C, it means that for the next few years, we no choice but to live the dongle life. If you’re in the market for a dongle, you might be interested to learn that accessory maker TwelveSouth has unveiled their latest USB-C hub in the form of the StayGo.

Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro Could Be Priced Starting At $3,000

According to the rumors, Apple is working on a new 16-inch MacBook Pro that could be coming later this year. Now, Apple’s MacBook Pro series of laptops were never really that cheap to begin with, with the price only going up with the 15-inch model, so as you can imagine, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will most likely not come cheap either.

Huawei Beats Apple To The Punch With Its Own 16-inch Laptop

There have been rumors that Apple is planning on launching a new series of laptops with a 16-inch display. To date, 15-inch seems to be the standard, save for some gaming laptops that have opted for larger 17-inch displays, so a 16-inch laptop could occupy a rather niche space for those who want a larger screen but don’t want to lose portability.

Leaked Windows 10 Insider Build Reveals Revamped Start Menu

Microsoft’s Windows platform has come a very long way from back in the early days of Windows 3.1, where the Start Menu has become synonymous with Windows operating systems. Microsoft has made some changes to the design of the Start Menu over the years, most notably in Windows 8 when the company tried (and failed) to do something new and different.

Corsair Confirms Acquisition Of Origin PC

Corsair confirmed today that it has acquired enthusiast gaming desktop and laptop manufacturer Origin PC. The company says that this acquisition is in line with its aim to reach out to gamers who don’t necessarily want to build their own PC and would rather opt for a one-stop solution which offers them the gaming rigs best suited to their needs.

Microsoft Announces $1 Billion Investment In OpenAI

Microsoft today announced that it’s investing $1 billion in Open AI. The two companies have embarked on a multi-year partnership which will see them working together on artificial intelligence and other technologies on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing infrastructure. Open AI was initially founded as a nonprofit in 2015 with $1 billion in funding from major Silicon Valley investors like Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Reid Hoffman, and more.

Apple Has A Bunch Of Fun New Emojis For iOS And Mac This Fall

Emojis are fun ways for people to communicate with each other. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and according to Apple, there will be several thousand words that its iOS and Mac users will be able to expect later this year when the company will be releasing a bunch of new emojis for its mobile and desktop platforms.