Displays Won’t Wake When Connected To M1 Mac Mini
The Mac mini does not come with a display, which means that users will need to supply their own display if they want to use it. However, it seems that the M1 Mac mini is having some display related issues. According to numerous complaints, it seems that a problem that users are having is that their displays aren’t waking up when they turn on the Mac mini.

Latest macOS Beta References Two New iMacs
It is widely expected that Apple will be announcing new iMacs this year. This is because the company is slowly transitioning to Apple Silicon and the iMacs are some of the models that have yet to undergo that transition. Apple hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but the latest macOS 11.3 beta has referenced two new models.

Firefox Update Introduces ‘SmartBlock’ That Fixes Websites Broken By Privacy Protections
If you have used ad blockers and tracking blockers, you might have encountered instances where a website seems to load incorrectly or not at all. This is because the blockers you have in place might have some compatibility issues with certain web elements, or certain elements are blocked as they might be thought of as being an ad or tracker.

Apple Isn’t Done Trying To Reinvent The Keyboard
In order to make laptops thin and light, companies have had to design low-profile keyboards. The problem with low-profile keyboards is that it isn’t always the most pleasant to type on, which is why over the years, we have seen Apple come up with ways to try and create a better laptop keyboard.


A14X Chipset For The iPad Pro Revealed In iOS 14.5 Beta
When it comes to the chipsets used in Apple’s iPads, what we’ve seen is that Apple usually uses a variant of its A-series chipsets. This is usually based on the current-gen A-series but with some additional cores unlocked or a slight speed boost. However, this year’s iPad refresh could be rather exciting.

Intel Wants To Help Apple Make Future Apple Silicon Chipsets
Some of you might have noticed that just last week, Intel launched a campaign in which they basically bashed Apple’s M1 chipset and compared it against PCs running Intel processors. We can’t say we’re surprised as Intel is probably a bit upset that Apple has more or less ended their business relationship.

MSI Stealth 15M Review (i7-11375H+RTX3060)
The MSI Stealth 15M is a 15-inch ultralight gaming laptop similar to Intel’s concept presented at CES 2021. Gaming laptops come in all shapes and forms, but, indeed, they are rarely slim and light. The MSI Stealth 15M pushes the boundaries for gaming performance / Lbs, a metric that can be key for some users.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Over MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Has Been Certified
A few years ago, Apple attempted to reinvent the laptop keyboard by introducing what they called the butterfly switch mechanism. This was supposed to result in an even thinner keyboard. Unfortunately, it was found that the switch’s design was pretty bad and led to many issues involving keyboard failure.

Valve’s Steam Link Now Available On macOS
If you like the idea of being able to play games in your home on any computer, then you might be interested to learn that Valve has released the Steam Link app on macOS. This will allow macOS users to connect to another local computer and stream games from that computer onto their Mac.

Acer Hit With $50 Million Ransomware Attack
Ransomware attacks are unfortunately kind of common these days, and now it looks like Acer is one of the more recent victims of such an attack, and they could also possibly be one of the biggest ransomware attacks to date as the hackers have asked for a whopping $50 million in order to release the files.

HP Launches A Couple Of New Envy Laptops
If you’re interested in getting your hands on a brand new laptop, then you might be interested to learn that HP has announced a refresh of its Envy lineup. This includes the HP Envy 17 and also the HP x360 15, with the former being the more expensive of the two, while the latter is aimed more towards those who prefer a hybrid design.

Apple’s 21.5-inch iMac Now Has Less Configuration Options
We expect that Apple will eventually get around to updating its iMac lineup, and if the rumors are to be believed, it could take place next month. In fact, there might be signs that Apple could be getting ready to do just that because according to reports, it appears that the 21.5-inch iMac just got a lot less options to choose from in terms of configuration.

The iMac Pro Has Been Officially Discontinued
So earlier this month, Apple announced that they would be discontinuing the iMac Pro. However, it wasn’t 100% discontinued yet because Apple was still selling the computer online, albeit it was limited as Apple was trying to clear any remaining inventory. For those who missed out, it looks like you’re out of luck.

Xcode Malware Is Targeting Apple Developers
Malware can target all sorts of users, from those who might be naive enough to click on suspicious email attachments, to those who think they’re downloading a pirated movie when they might be downloading malware instead, and so on, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that there might malware out there that targets developers.

MacBook Air With Mini LED Will Be Launching In 2022
While Apple’s iPhones are using OLED and with the iPad rumored to transition to mini LED, where does that leave Apple’s laptops? For the longest time ever, Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops have been using LCDs, which isn’t a bad thing, but it would be nice to see an upgrade.

Chrome Can Now Caption Any Video Or Audio
For those who don’t use Android or for those who use Android but were unaware, the platform comes with a pretty cool accessibility feature that pretty much captions videos and audio played on it. This is useful not only for those who have hearing impairments, but also useful if you don’t want sound coming from your phone.

Intel Launches Dedicated Website Comparing Its Processors Against Apple’s M1
Apple’s decision to move away from Intel’s processors in favor of their own Apple Silicon chipsets is probably something that Intel can’t have been too happy about. The company has largely kept silent since then, but it seems that their silence did not last too long as they have gone on the offensive.

Microsoft’s Windows 10X Expected In The Second Half Of 2021
So we know that Microsoft is developing a new version of Windows 10 in the form of Windows 10X. This variant was originally designed with the intention that it would provide dual screen devices, like the Microsoft Surface Neo, a more optimized Windows experience, although Microsoft did recently shift its focus back to single screen devices.

Cherry’s MX Ultra Low Profile Switches Will Bring Mechanical Keyboards To More Laptops
One of the reasons why mechanical keyboards aren’t a present in laptops is because of the design of the switch that is simply too bulky for a lot of laptops. Sure, there are some laptops that do feature mechanical keyboards, but for the most part they still tend to feel rather bulky because even though it uses a low-profile switch, it still isn’t exactly very flat/thin.

Next-Gen iPad Pro Could Sport A Thunderbolt Connection
A recent report from DigiTimes has revealed that Apple’s iPad Pro refresh might have been pushed to April instead of March as previously rumored. Now a report from Bloomberg is corroborating those claims by saying that they too expect the tablet to make its appearance in April.