2020 MacBooks Will All Adopt New Scissor Keyboard Mechanism

The problem plaguing Apple’s current laptops isn’t so much to do with performance of the system, but rather something pretty simple and basic: its keyboard. For those who have been following the news long enough, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably heard of all the nightmares that the keyboard on MacBook laptops are giving its users.

Intel Discontinues Its Processors With Built-In AMD Graphics

Intel and AMD are each other’s rivals in the processor scene, so a couple of years ago, it was actually kind of surprise when it was revealed that Intel and AMD would be teaming up for a special series of chipsets, where Intel would be creating chipsets that come with AMD graphics integrated into them.

Lenovo ThinkVision M14 Review: Next-Gen Portable Display Editor's Pick

The Lenovo ThinkVision M14 features some of the most desirable attributes of a portable monitor, read to see why.

iPhone, iPad Users Encountering Weird iTunes Error Messages When Launching Apps

Being able to launch apps on your handset is something we can all expect as one of the most basic features of a smartphone. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a growing number of iPhone and iPad users who are encountering a weird issue in which whenever they launch a non-Apple app, they get an error message.


New iPad Pro With 3D Time Of Flight Sensor Expected In Early 2020

If you’re looking to buy Apple’s iPad Pro, you might want to wait until next year. This is because according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he claims that Apple will be launching a new iPad Pro in early 2020. This is actually rather interesting because the last time Apple launched a new iPad Pro, it was about a year ago.

Apple’s New Sidecar Feature Will Only Work On Newer Macs

One of the features of macOS Catalina is called Sidecar. For those who are unfamiliar, this basically allows macOS users to take an iPad and turn that iPad into a secondary display for their MacBook laptops. It sounds pretty useful and a much welcome feature, especially for users who have long had to rely on third-party alternatives.

How To Fix Google Chrome Black Screen Issues

If you are experiencing black screen issues with Chrome on Windows, here’s how you might be able to fix the problem.

iCloud Folder Sharing For macOS Catalina Will Only Arrive In 2020

One of the defining features of most cloud storage systems is the ability to share folders. This allows for collaboration between multiple users, which will be useful for group work and projects. However, for some reason, it has taken Apple a long time to finally introduce the feature to iCloud, which was expected to ship in the macOS Catalina update that was recently released.

Opera’s Latest Update Comes With Upgraded Privacy Controls

As we’re starting to see more of our privacy get eroded through online tracking tools and data collection and data breaches, we’re sure that many of us are more than eager to protect whatever little privacy we have left. If privacy is a huge concern of yours when browsing the web, then Opera’s latest browser update might be worth checking out.

16-inch MacBook Pro Could Be Apple’s Fastest Charging Laptop To Date

According to the rumors, Apple is set to launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro later this year. This will be Apple’s largest laptop to date following the company’s decision to kill off its 17-inch MacBook Pros several years ago. However, apart from the rumors of a larger display, we have also heard rumors that it could be packing a new revamped keyboard that could do away with the keyboard problems once […]

Hackers Modify Chrome And Firefox To Track Secure Web Traffic

There is a reason why companies like Google are trying to push for more websites to use HTTPS is because it helps to secure your web traffic. It helps to prevent attackers from interfering with the data transferred between the website and your browser. Unfortunately, a report from Kaspersky has revealed that Russian hackers might have found a way to track secure web traffic.

PS4 Cross-Play Feature Is Now Out Of The Beta Phase

PlayStation 4 is about to get the cross-play ability for the games that will officially support it. For a while now, it was in the beta phase.The only game that would take advantage of this to start with is – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In addition to the multiplayer mode and a new story, the Call Of Duty experience is going to be better than ever with the cross-play […]

Photographer ‘Trapped’ In Vietnam After Airlines Won’t Let Him Fly With MacBook Pro

macbook proDue to the battery issues with Apple’s 2015 MacBook Pro, several airline companies around the world have started to ban the device from being placed in check-in luggage. In some cases, some airlines won’t even allow users to turn the laptop on during the flight, unless passengers can show them proof that the laptop has had its battery changed.

iPads, MacBooks With Mini-LED Displays Could Arrive Late 2020

Apple has been starting to transition to OLED screens. It first started with the Apple Watch and it later expanded to the iPhone, and we expect that in the future, it will find its way to the iPad and MacBooks as well. However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, that might not be 100% accurate.