Researcher Discovers New Thunderbolt Flaw That Affects Millions Of PCs
While many computer makers have been more than eager to adopt Thunderbolt to their computers, Microsoft has remained as one of the few that have not, citing security issues as one of the reasons why. It turns out that Microsoft’s concerns are indeed valid, especially with a new Thunderbolt security flaw discovered that could leave millions of PCs vulnerable.

Office For The iPad To Get Trackpad Support Later This Year
Over the years, Apple has slowly been making inroads in transforming its iPad into a productivity powerhouse. Some of the recent changes include allowing users to use a mouse with a tablet, cursor support, and most recently, trackpad support with the launch of a new Magic Keyboard accessory.

Apple’s Mini LED Devices Might Now Be Delayed To 2021
For a while now we have been hearing that Apple could be looking to adopt mini LED display technology for its products, like the iPad Pro which to date, still relies on LCD, unlike the iPhones which have mostly made the transition to OLED. However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he believes that Apple could have delayed their mini LED products to 2021.

2016 MacBook Pro Owners Are Suing Apple Over ‘Stage Lighting’ Display Issues
With Apple now having made the full transition on all its laptops to the new scissor switch mechanism, it looks like lawsuits involving the laptop’s keyboards can be put behind them, at least for the most part. However, it seems that the company is still being plagued with lawsuits involving their older laptops.


SteelSeries Could Be Working On A New Controller For Apple Devices
There are many third-party gaming controllers out there in the market today that will work with iOS devices, but if you’re looking for devices that will ensure compatibility, that’s what the MFi certification is for. The good news is that it looks like SteelSeries could be preparing something for the iPhone and iPad.

New iMacs Are Apparently ‘Ready To Ship’
While Apple has updated its laptops to feature Intel’s 10th-gen processors, the iMacs have yet to be refreshed and the top of the line models continue to use Intel’s 9th-gen processors. For those who are hoping to see a refresh soon, you might be in luck as FrontpageTech’s Jon Prosser has revealed that new iMacs are inbound.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 And Surface Book 3 Announced
If you’re in the market for a new tablet or laptop, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has recently announced that its Surface Go and Surface Book devices have been refreshed, where the company has officially taken the wraps off both the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3.

Apple’s Next-Gen MacBooks Could Sport A Bendable Hinge
When it comes to laptop design, most of the time, the emphasis is placed on what we can actually see. This means that usually, designers tend to focus on the material used to make the laptop, the thinness, and also how sleek it looks by using more rounded corners. However, the hinge is something most of us probably never give too much thought to.

This Browser Plug-In Makes Sure Websites Actually Honor Their Own Privacy Policies
All websites and online services typically have a privacy policy posted onto their website for users to read. This basically outlines to the user what the website or service will do with the information it has on you, what kind of privacy you would be agreeing to give up by using its service, and so on.

Microsoft Outlook For iOS Finally Lets Users Ignore Conversations
When sending emails to multiple users at once, it is more common than not that you’ll end up getting pinged by the same email the entire day as users hit “reply all”. This can be distracting and sometimes can derail your productivity, but the good news for iOS users is that you will now be able to ignore all that chatter.

Microsoft Shifts Windows 10X’s Focus To Single-Screen Devices
We reckon that Microsoft isn’t 100% sold on foldable devices. This is because instead of hopping onto the foldable bandwagon, the company has opted to announce dual screen devices like the Surface Duo smartphone and the Surface Neo. However, it now seems that the company’s dual screen devices could be delayed.

13-inch MacBook Pro With Magic Keyboard Announced
We have been hearing rumors that Apple was planning on updating its 13-inch MacBook Pro, and if you have been looking forward to the update, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is finally here. With this update, it also seems that Apple has finally ridded itself of its laptops that use the old and problematic butterfly keyboard design.

Valve Ends Support For SteamVR For macOS
If you’re a Mac user who’s looking forward to being able to play VR games on their computer, you can scratch at least one platform off that list. This is because in a rather abrupt announcement on its website, Valve has released a statement in which they will be ending SteamVR support for Mac.

Intel’s 10th-Gen Flagship Desktop CPU Clocks In At 5.3GHz
The CPUs on our computers have come a very long way from their early days, where Intel’s CPUs with a dual-core processor was seen as revolutionary. Of course, this doesn’t make today’s accomplishments any less impressive, but it’s always nice to see how far along we’ve come.