Wearable Tech LA: The Wearable Event You'll Want To Attend Next Month In Los Angeles
Wearable Tech LA, the wearable event of the year in Los Angeles, will be at the Pasadena Convention Center on Thursday July 17, 2014 from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm followed by a cocktail reception.According to International Data Corporation, wearables will be the fastest-emerging category and become a $12B industry in 2018. Attending Wearable Tech LA will give you an opportunity to meet and collaborate with the best of Hollywood, […]

Lenovo X1 Carbon Review (2014)
The Lenovo X1 Carbon 2014 follows the step of the previous X1 Carbon (2012) and the original Thinkpad X1. It is thinner, gets much better battery life and incorporates a high-DPI display. Its Carbon construction allows it to be the only 14” laptop that weighs between 2.85Lbs and 3Lbs depending on the version you pick. Nearly all other competitors in this weight range have a smaller 13.3” display, so this […]

MobileBeat 2014 - Driving Growth With Mobile, July 8-9, San Francisco
MobileBeat — VentureBeat’s seventh annual event on the future of mobile — is gathering the industry’s biggest names to uncover new case studies, insights, and strategies designed to help you leverage mobile to increase profitability for your company.2014 will be the year where key elements of the mobile tech ecosystem align to accelerate growth. Costs are falling and performance is reaching new heights at every level of the stack: storage […]

LG G3 Review
The LG G3 is the culmination of LG’s 2 years winning-run in the Android market. As the tip of the spear of LG’s smartphone line, the G3 brings its share of high-impact features, and it is undeniable that its 2560×1440 5.5″ display will set the pace for the reminder of the year. The G3 design was built with the goal of providing users with more screen real estate, while at […]


Frebble Lets You Hold Hands Online
We often do not realize how important it is to be able to touch someone. Touching someone allows us to connect with the other person emotionally, and if you’re the sort of person who travels frequently and are away from your loved ones often, then touch becomes all the more important in order to let them know how you feel.While chatting online and video conferencing is a good way to […]

MLOVE Confestival - South of Berlin, Beesenstedt Castle June 25-27
MLOVE is a community of people passionate about the future of Mobile.Ubergizmo is a media partner and Ubergizmo readers get a 20% discount with the promo code GIZMO_LOVE Register here: http://mlove.com/confestival/buy-tickets/

Roku 3 Review
Roku devices have been streaming Internet content since 2008. That would explain why every streaming content player, except for iTunes, supports the Roku brand. Unlike Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Roku does not have any content to push for. Roku has also opted for the “open source” format, like Boxee, allowing 3rd parties to provide “Private Channels”, another source of content for the Roku devices.The latest Roku generation (Gen […]

Ringly Connected Ring for Smartphone Notifications
My phone is almost all the time in silent mode and buried in my purse, so I can understand very well the need for Ringly. In fact, feeling the vibration of text and call alerts during trade shows is one of my preferred smartwatch features. Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando shares my opinion: she created the connected ring simply because she was missing too many calls or texts from […]

Honeywell Launches Lyric Smart Thermostat
In 1953, Honeywell introduced its iconic round thermostat, the T86, designed by Henry Dreyfuss and now part of the Cooper Hewitt museum’s collection. Since Nest has launched its round and smart thermostat, Honeywell never stopped suing the company for patent infringement, probably to kill the super innovative new comer.The Lyric looks a little like the Nest, the main similarity lies in its rounded shape and the quality of the materials […]

GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show 2014 Happening In Shanghai 11-13 June
Mobile Asia Expo 2014 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 11th-13th June 2014. During the expo, GSMA will, for the first time, co-organize with 360Fashion Network the “GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show 2014” special performance. The runway show will consist of a dialog between models wearing clothing on the stage from Polish Couture Designer, Michal Starov, Monika Figlewicz, together with youth designers from the China Graduate […]

Surface Pro 3 Review
The third time’s the charm they say, and it is well known that if Microsoft works long enough on a product, they’ll get it right. When the Surface Pro 3 launched, that’s exactly what I thought: finally, there’s a Windows tablet that is barely heavier than the iPad 3 (I assume that most people have seen one), but is much more powerful and large enough to run real Windows apps […]

Wearable World Invents: "The Connected Traveler" 6-7 June San Francisco
As you might recall, it was way back in 2013 that British Airways announced their own hackathon that would be taking place in the sky. Well it looks like American Airlines does not want them to steal all the fun and have recently announced their own hackathon. This hackathon will be taking place American Airlines’ new Airbus A321 Transcontinental flight.Those interested in participating in the hackathon can head on over […]

SF Maker Startup Weekend Kicks Off 30th May
Hosted by PCH, SF Maker Startup Weekend (30th May-1st June) is a 54-hour event where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups! Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees are encouraged to bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team.Ubergizmo readers get a 40% off the ticket prices. Head on over here to register and enter […]

What Do Kids Really Think Of Wearable Technology? - GlazedCon June 3-4 SF
Sometimes we as “grown-ups” completely miss the point on things.  That’s what the folks are Wearable World have learned about this growing Wearable Technology ecosystem over the past year.“Many times we think we’ve got it, but in reality we really need experts to help us pull the right answer together”.  Wearable World CEO Redg Snodgrass says.  “So we’ve gone to great lengths to get advice from some of Wearable Worlds […]

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review
I used to read a lot of books. Physical books printed on paper and bound up. I love the feel of the spines, the cover designs, and even the musty smell used books have when you buy them from hole-in-the-wall book shops.While I’ve tried to transition to reading e-books on my iPad 3 and iPhone, the experience just isn’t the same. I always end up distracted by Facebook, or Twitter, […]

Samsung SIMBAND And SAMI: Major Digital Health Initiative
Today, Samsung has announced a major digital health initiative with the introduction of SIMBAND (hardare+software) and SAMI (big data cloud platform) which are both open-source hardware reference platform.Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer (Samsung) opened the event by saying that we are currently using the “second gen” devices like the Samsung Gear Fit. The Next generation will mark a new era of wearable sensors that are much more integrated […]

Dell XPS 11 Review
Dell’s sleek, carbon fiber-clad XPS 11 is a hybrid convertible laptop that attempts to marry the best of a powerful Ultrabook and a performance tablet in a slim package. Rather than start with a tablet and then add a keyboard dock like in Asus’ Transformer series, the Dell XPS 11‘s form factor is more conservative, bringing business-like aesthetics, the power and performance of Intel’s fourth generation Haswell processor, and the […]

LG G3 Overview & First Impressions
LG has just officially launched the LG G3 in London and had simultaneous events in San Francisco and New York as well. With people in 2 locations, we had ample opportunities to take a look at the LG G3, and tell you about our first impressions, and gut feel about this new top-lend contender in the never-ending Smartphone arms race. In a nutshell, the LG G3 is about New Design, […]

Samsung 840 EVO mSATA 1TB Review
Following the launch of the EVO 2.5″ last summer, Samsung packed all the goodness of the EVO into an mSATA format, and in this review we are testing the Samsung 840 EVO mSATA 1TB in particular. Aside from the 750GB model, the mSATA line offers the same capacity as the 2.5″ EVO line, ranging from 120 GB up to 1 TB.Not only Samsung is still the only manufacturer using TLC […]

LG G3 Official Specifications And Features Announced
The endless string of rumors finally comes to an end today. At an event today LG announced its 2014 flagship smartphone, the LG G3. We have already heard a lot about its specifications and features but now everything has come in from the company itself so you can be absolutely sure about all of the details.