Oculus Rift S Headset Hinted At In Software Code

It has been a while since the Oculus Rift headset has been refreshed. This is versus headsets like the HTC Vive which has seen several variations launched to date. There were talks about a Rift 2, but as Engadget points out, a report from TechCrunch back in 2018 suggested that the company might be looking to release a lightly-refreshed Rift S headset instead.

HomePod Commands 6% Of US Smart Speaker Market

Apple’s HomePod speakers are currently one of the pricier options in the market today. When you compare it against other smart speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini, the HomePod seems downright expensive, plus given the fact that Apple only has one option, it doesn’t give customers much choice.

Logitech Unveils A Bunch Of G-Series Gaming Headsets

If you’re in the market for a new set of gaming headphones, then Logitech might have something for you. This is because the company has recently taken the wraps off four brand new gaming headsets part of its G-series lineup, so there definitely should be something there that would appeal to you.

Sonos Launches Outdoor Speakers In Partnership With Sonance

Sonos has teamed up with Sonance for the all-new Sonos Architectural collection of speakers intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Customers can choose from an in-wall, in-ceiling, and weatherproof outdoor speakers. These passive speakers have been optimized to work with the Sonos Amp, thus allowing users to have an integrated audio system for the entire home.


LG Unveils 31.5-inch 4K Monitor With USB-C

Thanks to LG’s partnership with Apple, the company has in the past put out a couple of UltraFine displays catered towards Mac users. These monitors came in 21.5-inch and 27-inch offerings, but in case those sizes are still not big enough for you, not to worry as LG might have something bigger for you.

Future Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches Could Ditch The Rotating Bezel

One of the unique features of Samsung’s smartwatches to date is its rotating bezel which allowed users to control certain features of the smartwatch via the bezel if they preferred interacting with it in a way that also provided tactile feedback. However it seems that Samsung could be considering ditching that feature.

Alphabet Exploring Smart Shoes That Can Detect Falls

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a built-in feature that can detect when the user has fallen and call for help if they do not respond. So far the Apple Watch is one of the few, if not the only, smartwatch that offers that feature. However it seems that Google’s parent company Alphabet might be exploring similar tech, except in shoes.

Apple Said To Be Selling Apple TV At Cost, HomePods At A Loss

Apple has made a ton of money over the years, which is largely thanks to the iPhone. However it also seems that the company could be taking a loss on some of their other products in a bid to try to get customers to get on board its ecosystem, such as the Apple TV and the HomePod smart speaker.

Apple Watch Fall Detection Saves Man In Norway

One of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ability to detect falls, and to also call for help when the user is unresponsive after a fall. In a report from NRK (via 9to5Mac), this feature has been credited with saving a life of a 67-year old man in Norway who was found bloody and unconscious on his bathroom floor by emergency authorities.

Lowe’s Iris Smart Home Platform Shutting Down Next Month

Home improvement retail chain Lowe’s launched its Iris smart home network back in 2015. The first connected devices were released then which included the likes of door locks, cameras, leak detectors, motion sensors, lights, and more. The platform hasn’t grown as well as the company would have hoped so it has decided to shut it down in March.

Puma Launches Its Own Self-Lacing Sneakers

Nike may have started the self-lacing sneakers hype but it’s not the only company that wants to see you shoes that can lace themselves up. Puma has revealed the Puma FI, its very own lacing sneakers. Apparently, FI stands for Fit and Intelligence. This is actually not the company’s very first product of this kind. That title would go to the Puma Autodisc which was revealed in 2015.

Casper Glow Is A Night Light That Will Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s rest is paramount in you functioning properly the next day. However we get it that sometimes falling asleep can be hard, but Casper is here to help as the company has recently announced the Glow. This is a smart night light that is designed to help users get a better night’s rest.

Samsung Turkey’s Website Confirms Upcoming Galaxy Buds Earphones

Recently there was a report that indicated that Samsung could be working on a new pair of earbuds called the Galaxy Buds. It was unclear back then how accurate this information was, but now we know that there is a very good chance that this is true. This is because Samsung Turkey’s website might have accidentally revealed the existence of the device.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo Gaming Controller Announced

Epic recently announced that Fortnite on mobile devices would start to support gaming controllers. If you’re a bit tired of having to use on-screen controls, then perhaps you might be interested in SteelSeries’ latest gaming accessory in the form of the SteelSeries Stratus Duo. This is a Bluetooth gaming controller that can be used with your mobile device.