watchOS 7 Removes Force Touch From The Apple Watch
When Apple first launched the Apple Watch, it was the first Apple product to feature the use of Force Touch, which for those unfamiliar is a pressure-sensitive technology that offers up different modes depending on how hard you press on the screen. However, it seems that with watchOS 7, Apple has effectively removed the feature for good.

Spotify Users Might Soon Be Able To Stream From The Apple Watch
For some odd reason, Apple Watch users could never stream Spotify directly from their smartwatches. However, for those who might appreciate such a feature, you’ll be pleased to learn that Spotify seems to be testing out the ability, although right now it doesn’t appear to be available for all users.

You Can Now Create And Share Alexa Routines
Alexa’s routines feature is a pretty useful one. If you’ve ever played around with macros before, then you might be familiar with it. For those who aren’t, basically routines allow users to group together a bunch of different Alexa features and with a single command, you can run them all at once.

Apple’s Next-Gen Smartwatch Could Come With Asthma Monitoring
Over the years, Apple has introduced new health tracking capabilities to the Apple Watch. This came in the form of an ECG monitoring tool and with the Series 6, they also introduced blood oxygen monitoring. Now it seems that in the future, there could be an Apple Watch that could come with asthma monitoring.


Apple Watch Series 6 Will Not Ship With A Power Adapter
The other day, Apple officially announced the Apple Watch Series 6. The smartwatch is priced starting at $399, which isn’t the cheapest smartwatch we’ve seen, but we have some bad news. This is because it has been discovered that Apple will not be shipping a power adapter with the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch SE Is A More Affordable Smartwatch For The Masses
The Apple Watch is not exactly cheap, and we have been hearing rumors that Apple could actually be planning a new and more affordable Apple Watch. It turns out that the rumors were partially right as Apple has since officially announced the Apple Watch SE, which sits between the Series 3 and the Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 Announced With Blood Oxygen Monitoring
Apple has announced their latest Apple Watch in the form of Series 6. As per the rumors, it seems that Apple has not updated the design of the Apple Watch, but it seems that the selling point of the Series 6 would be the introduction of a blood oxygen monitor that helps you keep track of your respiratory health.

Google Introduces A Bunch Of New Hardware For Meetings
Google has plenty of smart home products when it comes to helping people stay in touch. This includes things like their Nest speakers and smart displays, just to name a few. However, it seems that Google is now branching out into enterprise hardware as the company has since unveiled the Google Series One meeting room kits.

No New Apple Watch Design Until 2021 At The Earliest
When Apple introduced a change in design to the Apple Watch, it was with the Apple Watch Series 4. Now that the Series 6 is going to be announced in the next couple of hours, we’re sure some of you are hoping that the Series 6 will be bringing about a new design as well. Unfortunately, you might be disappointed.

Apple Watch Saves The Life Of A Cop Who Was Stabbed During An Arrest
The Apple Watch has saved quite a number of lives over the years, although it was done mostly through the heart and ECG monitoring feature that alerted the wearer to potential health problems before it became too late. Now it seems that the Apple Watch has saved yet another life, but in a different way.

Google Pixel 5 Will Be Announced September 30
When Google announced the Pixel 4a, they also announced that they would be launching both the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 later on, but they did not state when this would happen. However, it seems that we now have a date to look forward to as Google has since confirmed that they would be hosting an event on the 30th of September.

US Customs Seized OnePlus Buds, Claiming They Were AirPods Knockoffs
While the AirPods were mocked when they were first launched, they have since gone on to become a pretty hot commodity, so much so that many companies have since adopted a similar design and concept. So much so that the US Customs and Border Protection tweeted that they had seized “counterfeit Apple AirPods” from Hong Kong.

Apple Watch Series 6 Could Come In A New Color Option
The Apple Watch does not come in many color options. As it stands, It is offered in space gray, gold, and silver. However, according to leakster @L0vetodream, they are alleging that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 could actually come in a new color option, which based on the tweet could be blue.

Google Is Apparently Still Interested In Making Smart Glasses
When Google first unveiled the Google Glass, we were impressed. However, at that point in time, it seems that the world simply wasn’t quite ready for smart glasses technology and it was met with huge backlash from privacy advocates. We’re not sure fast forward to today if the world is ready, but it seems that Google hasn’t quite given up on the technology yet.