Intel Showcases First 32TB ‘Ruler’ SSD

Intel has unveiled what it claims to be the “world’s densest, totally silent solid state drive.” While SSDs have been around for a very long time, the form factor that this drive is based on is not only unique but it also enables Intel to cram an absurd amount of storage in a device that’s roughly the size of a 12 inch ruler. Intel’s first ruler SSD has 32TB of […]

Sonos One And Beam Get Support For Alexa Announcements

The Alexa Announcements feature was launched by Amazon a couple of months back. It essentially transforms a multi-room smart speaker setup into a home announcement system. This feature was initially limited to Amazon’s Echo speakers only but the company has now opened it up to third-party devices as well. Sonos One and Beam have now received support for Alexa Announcements. Sonos now has the first third-party smart speakers that are […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy Home Speaker With Bixby

It had been rumored for months that Samsung will get into the smart speaker game as well. The company confirmed those rumors today as it unveiled the Galaxy Home during its Galaxy Note 9 event in New York City. It hasn’t launched this product today, the unveil was basically a teaser as the company will reveal more information about the product later this year.

Panasonic’s Shoe Deodorizer Will Solve Your Smelly Shoe Problem

If you’re particularly concerned about smelly feet or the odor that your shoes leave behind once you take them off, Panasonic has a new gadget that will help make your life easier. The company today announced a new device that it’s calling a “shoe deodorizer.” The Panasonic MS-DS100 features “nanoe X” which generates 10 times more hydroxyl (OH) radicals than “nanoe” in order remove shoe odors.


Galaxy Watch Is Samsung’s Latest Smartwatch

In addition to unveiling the Galaxy Note 9 today, Samsung has also introduced its rumored Galaxy Watch smartwatch. Even though the device comes with the “Galaxy” branding that Samsung has largely used for Android devices, it doesn’t run Wear OS (Android Wear). It’s the successor to the Gear S3 so it runs on Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Xiaomi Mechanical ‘Game Keyboard’ Launched

Xiaomi make all kinds of products. While they might be known to many as being a smartphone maker, the company has dabbled in a variety of products across a variety of sectors, ranging from smart home devices, to bicycles, to drones, and more recently it looks like the company is getting into gaming peripherals with the launch of their own mechanical keyboard.

EA Thinks The Future Of Gaming Could Lie In Smart TVs

The gaming landscape has changed over the years. Back in the day gaming was limited to arcade machines, then came home consoles, then we also got PCs that became more capable of gaming, then we have our mobile phones, and then there are also talks about how augmented and virtual reality can play a role in the future of gaming.

Beoplay E8 Special Edition Arrives In Racing Green

Bang & Olufsen today announced the release of the Beoplay E8 in Racing Green. It’s the fourth addition to the Special Edition Collection. The Beoplay E8 commemorates more than a century of premium sound through quality design. The deep, rich green shade is inspired by British Racing Green, one of the most iconic colors in the car racing world. This color has become synonymous with classic sports cars, high performance, […]

Magic Leap One Mixed Reality Headset Shipping Today

Magic Leap has been working on its mixed reality headset for quite some time now and after months of speculation about when the unit will start shipping, the company today confirmed that the Magic Leap One Creator Edition is finally shipping today in “select areas” of the United States. The $2,295 Creator Edition isn’t a development kit. Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz refers to it as a “full-blown, working consumer-grade […]

Qualcomm’s New Smartwatch Chip May Be Announced On September 10th

Countless OEMs and fashion brands have made Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatches and the one thing that has been common in all of those wearable devices was the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100. It was really the only chip available for Wear OS smartwatch manufacturers. Qualcomm had confirmed earlier this year that it would launch a new chip for smartwatches later this year. It appears that the company might finally do […]

Xiaomi Hey+ Fitness Tracker Launched

A few months ago, Xiaomi announced their latest wearable in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. If you thought that Xiaomi was going to wait until next year to debut another wearable, think again because the company has since launched another wearable called the Hey+ on Chinese crowdfunding website Youpin.

Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Available For Pre-Order On Amazon

With the Sony PS4 Pro, the company essentially introduced a more souped up version of the PS4 that would allow it to play games at higher resolutions and smoother frame rates. However we expect that not everyone has hopped on board the PS4 Pro bandwagon yet, but if you are looking for an excuse, just last month Sony launched a limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro that looks stunning.

Bose QC35 II Headphones Now Come With Support For Alexa

Last year Bose launched the QC35 II headphones where one of the headphone’s defining features was the fact that it came with Google Assistant built into it. For those who care about comfort, style, sound quality, and being able to easily access their digital assistants, the QC35 IIs were it.

Alexa’s New ‘Answer Update’ Feature Lets It Respond To Old Questions

Alexa is a powerful virtual digital assistant from Amazon. It offers a wide variety of features including but not limited to answering questions. There are instances when Alexa doesn’t know the answer to a particular question. Amazon has now added a new feature to the assistant called “Answer Update.” It lets the assistant notify the user at a later date when it learns the answer to an old question that […]