Amazon Wants To Challenge Apple’s AirPods With Alexa-Enabled Headphones

Despite being made fun of in terms of its design, price, and features, Apple’s AirPods have been flying off the shelves, so much so that companies such as Google decided to get in on the action with the Pixel Buds, and Samsung with the Galaxy Buds. Now in a report from Bloomberg, Amazon wants a slice of that lucrative pie.

Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Headphones Launched

The other day it was rumored that Apple could be working on a new set of Beats headphones that would essentially be the Beats equivalent to the AirPods. For those who prefer the sound signature of Beats headphones, you might be interested to learn that Apple has since launched the Powerbeats Pro.

TiVo Will Soon Let Users Skip Ads Automatically

Let’s face it, no one really likes watching commercials, especially if it means that they are interrupted while watching their favorite TV show. Now one of the features of TiVo is its SkipMode where users can fast forward through commercials if they’d rather not watch it, but it still requires input on the user’s end.

Withings Move Smartwatch Now Offers Over 5,800 Customization Combinations

The bulk of smartwatches out there typically rely on digital watch faces. This means that in terms of customization, in theory there would be endless combinations to choose form. However, devices like Withings are less customizable due to the use of a analog watch face, but the company wants to change that.


Apple Watch Skeptic Changes His Tune After His Watch Detects Afib

There are many reasons why someone might buy the Apple Watch. It could be that they want to use it for fitness purposes where it can log their activities. Some might want it for lifestyle purposes, some might simply want it to better communicate with their smartphones, and as such, not all features of the watch might be used.

Apple Sued Over Apple Watch Swollen Batteries

The idea of putting a lithium-ion battery into our pockets via our smartphones sounds dangerous enough, but strapping one to our wrist also seems rather risky, but that’s the choice we make whenever we put on our smartwatches. Thankfully, to date, we haven’t really heard about smartwatches exploding, but some have come close.

Logitech Slim Folio Pro Keyboard For The iPad Pro Launched

A couple of years ago, Logitech announced the Slim Folio keyboard case for the iPad. This provided users with an alternative to Apple’s own Smart Keyboard, which let’s face it, was kind of expensive. Now the good news is that it looks like Logitech has since updated its lineup where the latest model will be compatible with Apple’s new iPad Pros.

TSA’s New Tech Lets You Keep Your Laptop Inside The Carry-On

Going through airport security can be stressful as it is. You’re trying to make sure that you comply with the instructions of the TSA agents while not taking long so as to inconvenience the countless other passengers behind you. If you detest fumbling with items in your carry-on which are required to be taken out and placed in separate bins, you’re going to appreciate the new technology that the TSA […]

Valve Index High-End VR Headset Teased

Valve wants to compete in the virtual reality headset market as well and as such, the company has now teased the upcoming announcement of its high-end VR headset named Index. The company has put up a teaser of the headset on its website. “Upgrade your experience,” the accompanying text says on the website, with May 2019 as the provided date. This suggests that it won’t be long until the company […]

Google Accidentally Leaks Its ‘Nest Hub Max’ Smart Display

Ever since Google acquired Nest back in 2014, both companies have sort of continued to run as separate entities, with each company putting out their own set of products. However, it seems that could change because in a leak on its own website, Google might have accidentally revealed an upcoming product called the Nest Hub Max.

Huawei Unveils FreeLace Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

When Huawei announced their Huawei P30 smartphones, the company also took the wraps off several other products. One of those products is the Huawei FreeLace headphones, which you can see in the image above. These are wireless headphones, which are a dime a dozen, but yet Huawei managed to include certain features that helped set it apart.

watchOS 5.2 Rolling Out With ECG Support For More Countries

A report from the other day revealed that Apple could be expanding the availability of its ECG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 to more countries. This was to be part of the watchOS 5.2 update. It turns out the rumors were right because the update has since been released which also expanded on the ECG’s availability at the same time.

AT&T Stores To Offer Magic Leap One Demonstrations From Next Week

The Magic Leap One mixed reality headset started shipping back in August last year. It was also confirmed that AT&T will provide data for the headset and that it will also be the exclusive wireless distributor for Magic Leap products. That has led to the company “exclusively” selling the headset through its stores and also offering demonstrations.

UPS To Deliver Medical Supplies In North Carolina With Drones

UPS is joining forces with Matternet, an autonomous drone delivery startup, to test deliveries of medical supplies using drones. The companies have announced their partnership today which will see supplies being delivered immediately using Matternet’s M2 quadcopters to WakeMed hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.