First Apple Beddit Sleep Monitoring Device Released

Apple acquired Beddit, the company behind an advanced sleep tracker, last year. There wasn’t much news about Beddit after its acquisition but there is now. Beddit has released its first new sleep monitoring device after it was bought by Apple. The new device is now available for purchase through Apple’s online store.

Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Might Have Saved Its First Life

We’ve heard stories of how the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor has saved lives in the past by alerting users to abnormally high (or low) heart rates. One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the ECG feature which was recently enabled in the latest watchOS update, and now it looks like it could have potentially saved its first life (that we know of).

Walmart Will Soon Have Autonomous Robots Scrubbing Its Floors

One of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart, will soon be employing the services of autonomous robots for floor scrubbing. It will be sourcing these robot floor scrubbers from San Diego-based artificial intelligence company Brain Corporation. The company’s BrainOS provides these machines with autonomous navigation and data collection capabilities with a cloud-based reporting system.

EKG Feature For Apple Watch Available Now

The much-awaited EKG feature for the Apple Watch is finally available. The company unveiled it alongside its new smartwatch a couple of months ago. It pointed out that the Apple Watch Series 4 was the first consumer device of its kind to come with the ability to take an electrocardiogram on the wrist. The feature wasn’t available at launch but it’s rolling out now as part of a software update.


Officially Licensed Star Wars Keycaps Is The Perfect Gift For Fans

Are you a fan of Star Wars? For the more hardcore fans out there, we imagine that you probably have all kinds of Star Wars related merchandise, official and unofficial. Now if you’re looking to take your fandom to the next level, you might be interested to learn that the folks at NovelKeys, Signature Plastics, and Disney have teamed up for officially-licensed Star Wars keycaps.

Apple To Launch Its HomePod In China & Hong Kong Early 2019

Apple’s HomePod is the company’s take on the smart speaker which other companies such as Google and Amazon have helped to popularize. Unfortunately the availability of the HomePod is somewhat limited, meaning that Apple’s reach isn’t quite as long as they would like. However it seems that is set to change in 2019.

Last Pager Service In Japan Is Finally Shutting Down

Some of you might be young enough to not know that there once existed communication devices known as pagers. The age of mobile phones, let alone smartphones, marked the end of pagers across the globe. Japan has been a bit slow to give them up compared to the rest of the world. The last remaining pager service in Japan is now shutting down.

Tom Cruise Wants You To Disable Motion Smoothing On Your TV

One of the features of modern day televisions is “motion smoothing”, also known as the soap opera effect where it makes shows on your TV look so smooth during playback that it feels almost unnatural. The feature is typically used in stores to show off the displays and what they can do, but using it in real-life is a very different story.

iDevices Now Features IFTTT Integration

If the idea of automating certain aspects of your home sounds appealing to you, then you will be pleased to learn that iDevices has announced that they have integrated their products with IFTTT. For those unfamiliar, IFTTT is an automation tool on mobile devices that triggers certain actions when the criteria is met.

Teen Dies After Being Electrocuted While Using Headphones

We have heard unfortunate stories in the past where people have died after being electrocuted by their charging cables. However it seems that over in Malaysia, a teen has reportedly died after being electrocuted while using a pair of headphones that was plugged into a mobile phone that was also being charged.

Valve Is Helping Gamers Build Their Own Steam Link Boxes

Last month it was revealed by that Valve had ultimately decided to discontinue its Steam Link box. For those unfamiliar, the Steam Link device basically allowed gamers to stream games from their PCs onto other devices, like their TV, thus giving gamers the freedom to play PC games in the comfort of their living room without having to hook up their computers to the TV.

Vuzix M300XL Smart Glasses Now Available For Purchase

When Google Glass was first announced, it seemed like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. There was a lot of hype surrounding the headset, but yet for some reason it never quite took. However in its wake of the program shutting down, it actually found a new lease on life and started gaining popularity in the enterprise sector.

Apple Patents ‘Universal’ AirPods With Built-In Biometrics

A good majority of our headphones these days still come with labels that indicate whether they should be worn in our left or right ear. However according to a recently discovered patent, it seems that Apple could be toying with the idea of creating a pair of “universal” AirPods, which can be worn in either ear.

Verizon To Launch Its ‘True’ 5G Hotspot In 2019

We imagine that it will probably be a while before we start to see 5G coverage become more common and widely available, similar to back in the day when 4G was still relatively new. However if you want to take advantage of 5G but don’t have a 5G-enabled handset, not to worry as Verizon has you covered.