Microsoft Patents An Xbox Controller With Braille Readout

We know that as far as making its consoles more accessible to gamers with disabilities, Microsoft has been making some pretty decent progress on that front. Just last year the company unveiled a new controller for the Xbox One that can be customized to make it more accessible for certain gamers.

Moleskine Creates Notebook That Connects To Your Dropbox Account

Moleskine is no stranger to creating smart notebooks or just notebooks for that matter. It has made a few in the past with Evernote and Creative Cloud support. The company’s latest creation is the Dropbox Smart Notebook which, as the name suggests, can connect to your Dropbox account.

Amazon’s New Blink XT2 Security Camera Offers More Features

Ring isn’t the only company that Amazon owns which sells security cameras. It also acquired Blink in 2017 and the company today unveiled its new Blink XT2 camera. There are several new features in addition to the promise of a two year battery life on a single set of batteries.

Apple Watch Could Soon Gain More Independence From The iPhone

One of the problems with the Apple Watch is that it is quite reliant on the iPhone for it to work. For example, until the cellular version of the Apple Watch was launched, users needed to keep their watches paired with their iPhones to receive phone calls and to access the internet. While that has changed, the Apple Watch is still quite dependent on the iPhone.


Google’s New Nest Hub Max Doubles As An Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Hub Max had been leaked previously so there was an expectation for a new smart display from Google at its I/O developers conference keynote today. The company has unveiled this product today. It’s basically a 10 inch smart display which combines the best features of the Nest Camera, Google Home Max, and the Google Home Hub.

Master & Dynamic MW65 Noise-Cancelling Headphones Announced

The thing with more audiophile-friendly headphone brands is that they tend to stay away from more “gimmicky” features. There is a reason why quite a few brands have abstained from features like Bluetooth or noise-cancellation. This is because a lot of these brands would much prefer to focus on the sound and to be honest, we can’t fault them for that.

This Guy Hacked His Roomba To Swear When It Bumps Into Objects

How many of us have sworn and cursed really loudly whenever we stub our toe against some furniture, or trip over a cable? Many, we’re guessing. Thankfully, robots such as the Roomba don’t swear when it runs into furniture. Instead, it takes what it learns and tries not to let it happen again, a good philosophy we should all strive to adopt.

Every 1 In 3 Smartwatches Sold Is An Apple Watch

From what we can tell based on third-party reports, the Apple Watch is selling pretty well. We’re not sure why Apple has yet to officially confirm the actual figures, so for now, we’ll have to rely on third-party data, such as those from Counterpoint Research who recently revealed that the Apple Watch is continuing to dominate the market in a very big way.

Man Accidentally Swallows AirPod, Poops It Out And It’s Still Working

In what seems like a rather bizarre and almost unbelievable story, a man in Taiwan fell asleep and woke up to find that he had accidentally swallowed one of his AirPods. He then tried to locate it using iPhone tracking feature, only to discover in horror that the sound emanating from the AirPod was coming from inside of him.

Washington To Allow Delivery Robots On Sidewalks

You may soon start seeing delivery robots on the sidewalk in Washington. It has actually become the eighth state in the country to allow the use of delivery robots on crosswalks and sidewalks. The bill has been signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee so it’s as official as it can be. Virginia was the first to allow delivery robots back in 2017 with states like Ohio, Utah, and Arizona […]

Smart Home Devices Could Get Security Warnings In The UK

Connected devices are increasingly making their way into our homes. These devices are connected to the internet which means that they’re always at the risk of being breached, no matter how good the security might be. The government of the United Kingdom is looking to establish a baseline of security requirements for such products and they might include mandatory security warnings for smart home devices.

Huawei’s First TV Could Sport 8K Resolution And 5G Connectivity

Last year, it was discovered that Huawei had filed for a trademark that indicated that the company could be working on a TV of their own. Now according to a report from the Asian Nikkei Review, it seems that Huawei’s upcoming TV could actually be a rather interesting device with a rumored 8K resolution and also 5G connectivity.

The Razer Toaster That Started As A Joke Is Going To Be Made A Reality

Several years ago as an April Fool’s joke, Razer announced a new project called Project Breadwinner in which they would be launching a toaster made by Razer. Clearly it was a joke, but it was a joke that stuck around for years to come, so much so that the company’s CEO said that if it got 1 million likes on Facebook, they would make it a reality.

Oculus Rift S And Oculus Quest Pre-Orders Open Today

Oculus fans have long been waiting to find out when the company is going to release its Rift S and Quest headsets. The wait will soon be over for them. The company has confirmed today that both headsets will begin shipping in 22 countries starting next month. Customers are able to pre-order them starting today for $399.