ASUS Takes Apple On With Its ProArt Display PA32UCG

In the display industry, there are displays made for everyday use, there are displays designed and optimized for gaming, and then there are also displays aimed at the working professional who might have need for a more color-accurate display when editing photos or videos. If you fall into the latter category, ASUS might have something for you.

The DreamGlass Air Headset Puts You In Your Own Private Theater

One of the fun parts of going to a cinema is that you get to watch your movies on a huge display complete with surround sound. For certain movies, this only serves to enhance the overall experience. However, if you don’t like the crowds, screaming babies, and overpriced snacks, the alternative would be to watch the movie at home.

Logitech Announces New MX Master 3 Mouse

When it comes to non-gaming mice, Logitech’s MX Master series of mice is a very popular option that you can find on the desks of many a YouTuber. This is due to the fact that the mouse is ergonomic in its design, offers wireless connectivity, enough buttons to customize it to your own needs, and of course, that satisfying Logitech mouse click.

LG’s 88-inch 8K OLED TV Is Now Available For Purchase If You Have $42,000 To Spare

A while back, LG took the wraps off an 88-inch 8K OLED TV. If for whatever reason you were hoping that you could buy this and put it into your home, you’re in luck because LG has since announced the availability of the TV, where interested customers will be able to buy one for themselves.


SteelSeries Launched A Pair Of Wireless Headphones For The Nintendo Switch

While other consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One support wireless headphones, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t, or rather it isn’t quite as straightforward. Switch gamers who want to use wireless headphones will need to attach a wireless dongle to the console’s dock which means that using it in handheld mode is next to impossible.

Future Apple Watch Bands Can Authenticate You By Your Skin Texture

Right now, the Apple Watch has a method of identify and authenticating a user when they make a payment through Apple Pay. However, the problem with this current method is that if you take your watch off and put it back on, you’ll need to authenticate yourself again. We can appreciate the security measures, but it does seem a bit inconvenient.

New Yorkers Are Losing An Increasing Amount Of AirPods On Subway Tracks

The AirPods have to be one of Apple’s better-selling products in recent years. Despite them being made fun of when they first launched, the headphones now appear to be a pretty hot item to purchase. We imagine that this is due to them being relatively lightweight and easy to pair with iOS devices.

Apple Watch Could Get A New ‘Schooltime Mode’

Just like the iPhone, the Apple Watch also comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode that blocks notifications on the smartwatch in case you’d rather not have it buzzing on your wrist all day. However, according to a new report from MacRumors, it seems that the Apple Watch could be getting a new type of “DND” feature called “Schooltime Mode”.

More Details Revealed About The OnePlus TV

OnePlus is working on a smart TV of their, that much we know. However, details about the TV are scarce, save for its size in which the company had previously revealed that it will be a 55-inch TV with a 4K QLED display. However, thanks to a listing on Amazon, it seems that more details about the TV have been revealed.

Apple Watch Could Come With An Enhanced And Smarter Sleep Tracking System

The iPhone comes with a very basic sleep monitoring feature. Many would assume that such a feature would be baked into the Apple Watch, but it hasn’t really, but it could be coming soon. This is according to a report from 9to5Mac in which they have heard from sources that an enhanced and smarter sleep tracking system could be coming soon to the Apple Watch.

B&O’s Beosound Stage Is The Company’s First Soundbar

While soundbars might not necessarily provide you with the same surround sound effect that you might enjoy from having individual speakers positioned strategically around the room, the upside is that they are incredibly convenient if you don’t have a lot of space and you want something a little more low-profile.

Prominent Tech Investor Believes Our Smart Speakers Are Spying On Us

Smart speakers seem like the perfect gadget for the modern era, where we can use our voice to control all manner of devices like our door locks, lights, TV, and it can also help us search for things, make appointments, order food, and so on. However, it is possible that with these speakers always listening for a command word, are we perhaps giving away too much of ourselves?

Code Within iOS 13 Suggests That Apple Is Testing Its AR Headset

According to the rumors that have persisted for years, word on the street has it that Apple could be working on a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses, where some predict that the device could actually be making its way into the market in 2020. It’s starting to look like that could be the case.

LG Unveils Their New CineBeam 4K Video Projectors

While many of us fantasize about having a massive television in our homes, the price of TVs that size can be a bit off-putting. There is also the question of space, where there might not necessarily be enough space in our homes for a huge screen. This is where projectors can come in handy.