The Cassette Player Has Been Given A Modern Makeover With Bluetooth

Back in the day before the likes of the iPod and portable CD players, there were devices like Sony’s Walkman in which it allowed users to bring their favorite songs with them on the go through cassette tapes. Clearly the cassette tape format has more or less died out, but for those who still love the format and have some lying around, then the device “It’s OK” might be of […]

Canon Wants You To Fund Its Small Clippable Camera

Canon has introduced a small clippable camera called the Ivy Rec. Meant for outdoor use, the camera is built into a keychain carabiner and is roughly the size of a USB drive. It can connect to a mobile device wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and show a live preview. The company is crowdfunding this project through Indiegogo.

Amazon, Microsoft, And HP May Also Shift Production Outside China

China is the world’s manufacturing hub. Almost all of the products from major tech companies are manufactured there. This also leaves them in a bit of a sticky spot when trade tensions between China and the United States flare up. As the threat of new tariffs on products like laptops and smartphones looms, it’s now being reported that companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and HP are also looking to more some […]

LG’s OLED TV Panels Receive ‘Eye Comfort Display’ Certification

Given how much time we spend looking at our screens, like our TVs, there are several things that need to be considered. This includes the size, panel type, clarity, color, and so on. However, as we said, with how much time we spend looking at it, comfort should also be a feature that should be just as important.


Researchers Create Eye-Tracking Glasses That Can Automatically Focus

As we get older, our eyesight starts to diminish. This is a natural part of aging and unfortunately, apart from getting stronger prescription glasses, there’s really not much else that can be done. However, researchers at Stanford University have created a pair of glasses that can help the user focus on objects better.

Google Assistant On Sonos Expands To More Countries

It has been a few weeks since Google Assistant arrived on Sonos. However, it was only available to Sonos owners in the United States. That changes today. It has been confirmed that Google Assistant on Sonos is now expanding to more countries, six to be precise. To that end, a software update is being rolled out which adds Assistant to Sonos in these markets.

Engineer Creates AI-Powered Cat Flap That Stops Your Cat From Bringing Home Dead Animals

The problem with owning cats is that for whatever reason, cats love bringing home dead animals they have killed. It can be a bit gross and also unsanitary, but this is something that cats do and we can’t really do much about it, or can we? That’s what Amazon product maanger Ben Hamm did when he designed an AI-powered cat flap for his home.

Apple Has Started Selling Diabetes Monitors In Its Stores

If there is an area of health that we know Apple is interested in, it would be diabetes and glucose monitoring. This is because at the moment, measuring glucose levels involves drawing a bit of blood, which some might find uncomfortable doing. This is why we have heard rumors that Apple could be developing a non-invasive way of measuring glucose levels through products like the Apple Watch.

New Philips Hue Bulbs Have Bluetooth And Don’t Need A Hub To Work

The Philips Hue smart bulbs have long been a fixture in the smart lighting market. You would need to purchase a hub in order to take advantage of their connected features, though, but that’s no longer going to be necessary. The new Philips Hue smart bulbs come with Bluetooth and no longer require the $60 hub to function. They can be controlled entirely over Bluetooth.

DisplayPort 2.0 Will Support 8K Displays

At the moment 4K is slowly becoming the standard in which monitors and displays are being sold at, however, there are some companies who are pushing the boundaries by creating 8K displays. We reckon that it might be a while before 8K becomes widely adopted, although there are probably some professionals in the industry who could benefit from higher resolution screens.

Apple Watch Fall Detection Saves Elderly Woman’s Life After A Car Accident

One of the features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is that it comes with a feature called fall detection. This feature comes activated by default for users who are above a certain age, and the idea is pretty much as its name suggests – it detects when the person falls and if they don’t respond in time, it will then automatically call for help.

Polar Ignite Wearable Launched With Sleep And Fitness Tracking

When it comes to health-related gadgets and products, Polar is a name that has been in the industry for a while, with its chest-strap heart rate monitor being thought of by many as being one of the more accurate models in the market. The company has since expanded into wearables and they have just launched their latest one in the form of the Polar Ignite.

San Francisco Has Voted To Officially Ban E-Cigarettes

According to a report from last week, it was suggested that the city of San Francisco could be the first city in the US to officially ban e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, for those who are fans of e-cigarettes and were hoping that this would not come to pass, it looks like it did as the city has since voted in favor of banning the sales and deliveries of e-cigarette products.

The Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Is Already Saving Lives In The UK

Due to the Apple Watch’s ECG feature being seen as a medical tool, it needs to be properly licensed before it can be used. Given that different countries have different laws, this means that it could take a while before the feature found its way to other countries around the world.