Pixel 3 Could Feature Clips-Like Selfie ‘Smarts’

One of the new products Google announced back in 2017 was the Clips camera. This is a camera that came with AI features that would be able to detect when the best time was to capture a shot, with the idea being that it would allow users to capture special moments that might have been otherwise missed.

Instagram Now Supports Two-Factor Authentication Apps

Two-factor authentication is a pretty popular method of protecting one’s account these days. For those unfamiliar with how it works, usually once your username and password has been entered, a one-time generated code will be sent to your phone to verify who you say you are, thus preventing accounts from being compromised based purely on password alone.

Instagram Stories Will Split Longer Videos Into Segments

Instagram Stories were designed to be short and sweet. However there are users who might prefer uploading videos, and the good news is that Stories will now support that, sort of. Before this, Stories were limited to 15 seconds per clip, anything longer and users were forced the trim the videos themselves.

More Than 250 People Have Died Trying To Take The Perfect Selfie

These days thanks to increasingly more powerful front-facing cameras on our smartphones, long gone are the days where you had to ask a passerby to help you take a photo of yourself. Unfortunately the attempt to take the “perfect” selfie has led to multiple accidents and in some cases, even death.


Pictar Pro Will Give Your Smartphone A DSLR-Like Grip

The problem with our smartphones is that for the most part, they’re usually too thin and light, which means that sometimes it’s not particularly comfortable when you’re trying to take a photo. This is versus cameras which generally have more heft and a better grip to them, but thanks to the folks at miggo, that will be possible for smartphones.

Camera App Developer Debunks iPhone Xs ‘Beautygate’

Cameras that can take amazing selfies and make people look “better” are usually features proudly touted by companies. However it seemed to have the opposite reaction amongst iPhone Xs users, some of whom started believing a conspiracy theory that Apple had secretly applied a filter to the front-facing camera that smoothed the user’s skin and brightened it.

Google Clips Update Improves Its Capture Rate

Back in 2017, Google launched a device called Clips. Shaped like a small action camera similar to a GoPro, Clips is designed to be a “moments” camera, where you set it aside and by using AI, it will try to determine the best time to capture photos so that you don’t miss out on any moments.

ZEISS ZX1 Is The Company’s First Full-Frame Digital Camera

ZEISS is a company that many might associate more with its lenses that can be found on Sony cameras. However it seems that the company is expanding its portfolio and is now entering the full-frame camera business with the launch of the ZEISS ZX1, the company’s first full-frame digital camera.

Fujifilm Unveils The Taylor Swift-Designed Instax Square SQ6

If you’re looking for a new instant camera, chances are Fujifilm is a brand that you might have researched. The company is known for their Instax instant-print cameras and it looks like they have unveiled their latest offering which comes in the form of a Taylor Swift-designed Instax Square SQ6 (Fujifilm had previously teamed up with Michael Kors for a similar concept).

Sony Developing 12 New Lenses For Its Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

The mirrorless camera scene is heating up what with the likes of Nikon, Canon, and more recently Panasonic announcing plans for full-frame mirrorless cameras. This means that Sony, who used to monopolize that particular market, will need to do a lot more if they’re hoping to maintain their lead.

Fujifilm GFX 50R Medium Format Camera Announced

A couple of years ago, Fujifilm announced and launched its first medium format camera in the form of the GFX 50S. Lately we have been hearing rumors that the company could have a newer model in the works, and it turns out the rumors were true as Fujifilm has officially announced the GFX 50R.

Panasonic Announces New Lumix S Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

For the longest time, Sony has pretty much dominated the full-frame mirrorless camera market as they were essentially the only ones who made such cameras. However in the past month or so, both Nikon and Canon have since come forward with their own full-frame offerings, but apparently that’s not all.

Fujifilm Unveils A Projector With Multi-Directional Image Projection

When you think of projectors, most of the time these projectors are fixed meaning that they are mounted onto a shelf or onto a ceiling which then projects an image onto a flat surface, such as typically a wall. While this is fine, it does have certain limitations as in you will need to decide on where to place the projector before installing it, and relocating it after can be […]

Fujifilm Announces Its New Instax Square SQ20 Camera

Apart from being known for their mirrorless cameras, Fujifilm also has a place amongst film lovers, such as with their Instax series of instant-print cameras. If the Instax is a series that you’re interested in, then you might want to check out the company’s latest Instax camera which comes in the form of the Instax Square SQ20.