Leica History: From 35mm Rangefinder Camera To Huawei P20 Pro Triple Lens  Editor's Pick

Huawei invited us to visit their partner Leica headquarters in Weltzar, Germany, to show us what the legendary camera maker is all about and to discuss how they managed their engineering collaboration to deliver the AI-powered triple-lens camera of the P20 Pro smartphone.

Nikon Starts Countdown To Mirrorless Announcement On August 23

Nikon has recently confirmed that they are working on a new mirrorless camera. During the announcement, the company did not state when the camera would be announced, but a datamine on Nikon’s website revealed that the announcement could take place on the 23rd of August.

Nikon Confirms Development Of Next-Gen Mirrorless Camera

In a recent teaser video uploaded by Nikon, it seemed to hint that the company could have a new mirrorless camera in the works. This doesn’t come as a surprise as we have been hearing such rumors for a while now. For fans of Nikon who are hoping to see better mirrorless cameras from the company, it seems that the rumors are true.

SiOnyx Aurora Night-Vision Camera Review: Own The Night  Editor's Pick

WWe test the SiOnyx Aurora Night-Vision camera equipped with Black Silicon technology. It can record impressive color videos when other cameras only see black outlines


OnePlus To Bring Selfie Portrait Mode To OnePlus 5, 5T

Portrait mode on the rear-facing cameras of smartphones is becoming an increasingly common feature. This is typically achieved through hardware by having the extra lens, or in the case of certain phones like the Google Pixels, this is (very convincingly) achieved through software. However portrait mode on front-facing cameras aren’t too common yet.

Nikon Teases Upcoming Mirrorless Camera

Photographers have probably heard that Nikon is working on new mirrorless cameras, and for those who are interested in seeing what the company has to offer, it appears that the company has posted a teaser video on YouTube in which many speculate could be about its upcoming mirrorless offerings.

Peak Design Unveils The Travel Line Backpack

Photographers are probably more than familiar with the company Peak Design. For those who aren’t familiar, Peak Design has created quite a few camera-related backpacks and messenger bags, along with a bunch of camera accessories such as clips, straps, and so on. Now it looks like they are back with their latest offering dubbed The Travel Line.

Nikon’s Mirrorless Camera Announcement Set For August 23

When photographers think of DSLRs, it would not be surprising if their minds immediately jumped to brands like Nikon or Canon. However when it comes to mirrorless, there is a good chance many are thinking of brands such as Sony or Fujifilm, but that’s something that Nikon probably wants to change.

Sony Unveils New 48MP Image Sensor For Smartphones

Our smartphone cameras have come a very, very long way since cameras were introduced to phones in general. Not only do smartphone cameras these days feature faster autofocus, they also come with image stabilization, the ability to capture videos in 4K, and more. Now it looks like Sony will be kicking things up a notch.

Fujifilm XF10 Compact Digital Camera Announced

When it comes to compact cameras from Fujifilm, the company is probably best known for the Fujifilm X100 series of cameras, in which there have been four iterations to date. However for a compact, it is priced at a premium which some might argue is worth the money, but regardless its premium pricing does put it out of reach for certain customers.

Two Full-Frame Mirrorless Nikon Cameras Rumored For This Summer

Nikon is known for their DSLRs, but given that we’re starting to see more photographers, amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals move to smaller and more portable mirrorless cameras, that’s a market that Nikon isn’t doing particularly well in, at least not compared to the likes of Sony.

US Court Rules That Using Online Photos Considered As ‘Fair Use’

In the world of photography, more often than not we hear about cases involving the legality in using photos found online. Sometimes businesses will use a photographer’s photo without their permission and use it to advertise products or services, which can sometimes lead to lawsuits and compensation.

Man Attempts To Take Upskirt Videos, Camera Explodes On His Foot

Ever since compact cameras were invented, it created a new privacy problem in which some people chose to take advantage of its compactness to take upskirt photos of women. Given that cameras these days are even smaller than ever and attached to our mobile phones, this doesn’t seem like a problem that will be going away anytime soon.

Apple Allowed To Claim The iPhone X Offers ‘Studio-Quality Portraits’

As with most marketing and advertising campaigns, sometimes products can be exaggerated but usually within reason. With the iPhone X, Apple advertised it as being able to take “studio-quality portraits”, which apparently rubbed some the wrong way as they felt that this was rather misleading.