Next year, Apple will be launching the iPhone 14, and presumably the year after they’ll be launching the iPhone 15. We’re still not 100% sure on the details of the iPhone 14, but according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it appears that details about the iPhone 15 are already starting to leak.

According to an investor’s note by the analyst, he claims that the iPhone 15 is expected to utilize a folding lens camera design, also known as a periscope camera. Traditional cameras rely on light beamed onto a sensor, but with a periscope camera, it still relies on light, but instead of the light directly beaming onto the sensor, it’s passed through a prism first.

The main reason why smartphones would utilize a periscope camera system is because smartphones are too thin. Unlike a traditional camera where the lens and body are pretty big, there is no need for a periscope system to bounce light through a prism as there is enough space. But since smartphones are thin, a periscope system is essentially a workaround.

Ultimately, this is said to allow for much further zoom capabilities that don’t rely on digital zoom (which is essentially cropping an image). Apple’s iPhone zoom capabilities aren’t exactly the best right now, but a periscope system could potentially allow Apple to address that. In any case, we’re still two years away before anything can truly be confirmed, so do treat this report with a healthy dose of skepticism for now.

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