Analyst Thinks The Apple Car Could Pose A Threat To Tesla
Apple is a company best known for its consumer electronics like phones, tablets, and computers. However, if the rumors are true, Apple could soon be moving into the automotive industry by making their own car, an area which save for CarPlay, Apple has not much experience or expertise in.

Apple’s Self-Driving Cars Have Doubled Their Mileage In 2020
Apple’s plans for their own electric, self-driving car has to be one of the worst-kept secrets of the tech industry, and a recent report from the California DMV only serves to suggest that Apple is most definitely ramping up their efforts in their testing as the agency claims that Apple’s self-driving cars have logged twice the mileage in 2020 compared to that of 2019.

Researchers Create A Paste That Could One Day Fuel Our Automobiles
Right now many are looking at creating a future in which fossil fuels will no longer be used to power our automobiles. The direction that we’re heading towards comes in the form of electric cars that run on a battery that does not require fuel, or at least not directly (it will need to be charged electrically which still uses fuel in some instances).

Nissan Open To The Idea Of Working With Apple On The Apple Car
Now that Hyundai/Kia is pretty much out of the picture as far as the rumored Apple Car project is concerned, who’s next? Who could wind up being Apple’s partner for the project? While some analysts believe that we could get an announcement in the coming months, it seems that Nissan is open to the idea.


Apple Could Announce Their Apple Car Partner In The Next Few Months
Just the other day, Hyundai confirmed that their talks with Apple about partnering up for the rumored Apple Car have ended. While we have heard whispers and rumors about this project, Hyundai’s confirmation that they were in talks with Apple was as close as we got to an official confirmation that the project even existed.

Hyundai Confirms Talks With Apple For The ‘Apple Car’ Have Ended
The past couple of weeks have been a flurry of Apple Car-related news and rumors, with reports claiming that Hyundai and Apple were in talks to build the company’s rumored “Apple Car”. However, on Friday it was reported that those talks were put on hold and now according to a new report from Bloomberg, those talks have since come to an end.

Apple And Hyundai Talks Over The Apple Car Have Been Put On Hold
Apple’s plans for their own car have been kind of an open secret. While the company has never quite normally acknowledged their plans, all their various hires have certainly suggested as such. This is why it was surprising when Hyundai actually kind of confirmed that they were in talks with Apple to help them build their car.

The Apple Car Has Been Designed Not To Have A Driver
Many car makers and tech companies are working on self-driving cars that will do away with the need for a driver. So far, things have been progressing somewhat steadily and nicely, but we are far from a future where we can hop in a car without a driver and it takes us where we need to go.

Apple Could Invest As Much As $3.6 Billion In Kia
The rumors surrounding Apple’s plans for their own electric car don’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. In fact, if anything, it sounds like Apple’s plans are actually speeding up where if the rumors are true, they could sign a deal with Kia as soon as the 17th of February to  establish a production relationship.

Apple’s Latest Hire Fuels The Apple Car Rumors
Rumors about Apple’s plans to actually move forward and make their own car are starting to gain traction again, especially with the latest report coming from Business Insider Deutschland in which they claim that Apple has recently hired Porsche’s former VP of chassis development to work on Project Titan.

Apple Car Could Be Built By Multiple Car Companies
According to the rumors, Apple is said to be in talks with Hyundai about the company possibly helping Apple build the rumored Apple Car. However, given what we know about Apple’s practices when it comes to obtaining components, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Hyundai might not be the only company Apple could be working with.

Some Hyundai Execs Aren’t On Board With The Idea Of Helping Apple Build Their Car
A report from earlier this month revealed that Hyundai is/was in talks with Apple to help the company build its own electric car. A subsequent report suggested that the company could hand off the project to Kia, a sub-brand of Hyundai. This would allow Apple to make their car stateside.

Apple Car Production Reportedly ‘Handed Off’ To Kia
According to recent reports, it seems that Apple’s progress on their electric car is coming along nicely, to the point where Apple is apparently looking for companies to help them make their car. Recently, we heard that Hyundai was the frontrunner to produce the Apple Car, but now a new report suggests otherwise.

BMW, Audi Have Ended Their Car Subscription Service
In the recent years, we’ve started to see a shift in the trends where more companies are turning towards subscription-based services. We’ve already seen this with movies and TV shows, music, and we’ve also seen it extend to software, so it didn’t come as a surprise to learn that carmakers were also doing it.

NHTSA Asks Tesla To Recall Its Model S, Model X Cars
Tesla’s Model S and Model X cars have been around for a while now, but it seems that after all this while, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is asking the company to recall both vehicles from the roads. This is apparently due to issues with the cars’ display, backup camera, window defogger and defroster, and more.

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Apple Was In Talks To Acquire EV Startup Canoo In 2020
Given that Apple has no commercial experience when it comes to making its own cars, it’s not surprising that the company is using its immense resources to try and acquire companies that might have said experience. In fact, a report from The Verge revealed that Apple tried to acquire EV startup Canoo back in 2020, but then those talks fell through and the acquisition obviously did not happen.

Hyundai And Apple Could Sign An Electric Car Deal By March
Word on the street has it that Apple apparently wants to build their own electric car, but obviously the company has no experience doing such a thing so it would make sense for them to partner with someone who does. Recently we heard that Hyundai was one of the potential partners for Apple’s project.

Hyundai Could Help Apple Manufacture Their Apple Car
While it’s interesting that Apple could be interested in making its own cars, we did express our skepticism in their efforts, namely because Apple has no knowledge when it comes to making cars, or at least no experience. However, it turns out that Apple might have a manufacturing partner in Hyundai.