Navya Self-Driving Bus Deployed In Japanese Streets

During CEATEC 2019, the Navya self-driving bus is moving a small number of people around a predetermined 1.5km route, which is “close to real-world” traffic, according to the organizers.

Ford’s Remote Car Starting And Unlocking Features Are Now Free

If you own a FordPass connected car, you might have heard of the FordPass service. For those who haven’t, FordPass is a trial subscription service that will give Ford car owners with compatible models access to certain nifty features, such as being able to unlock and start your car remotely.

Toyota Unveils A New Version Of ‘Toyota Mirai’ To Focus On Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Toyota was recently looking into the idea of a solar-powered car that never stops. Now, it looks like Toyota is looking for more alternative sources of power for its cars by focusing on its Hydrogen-powered cars.It unveiled a new version for the Toyota Mirai – which takes the help of hydrogen-powered fuel cells to run.If you are curious, compressed hydrogen gas is combined with the oxygen from the atmosphere in […]

Porsche And Boeing Team Up For An Electric Flying Car

No one really knows what the future of transportation holds. Right now, many seem to be betting on electric and autonomous vehicles, where not only are they expected to be more energy efficient and better for the environment, but they will also be safer. However, while other companies seem to be building autonomous electric cars, Porsche and Boeing are eyeing the skies.


‘Uber Pet’ Feature Lets Drivers Know If Animals Will Be In Their Cars

While most of the time, our pets stay at home, there are times when we need to take them out, like to the vet. However, not all Uber drivers might relish the idea of ferrying an animal in their cars. This is because of a variety of issues, like allergies, smell, concerns about the animal making a mess, and so on.

Matternet’s Technology Powering First FAA-Approved Drone Airline for UPS

 Last Thursday at TC Disrupt 2019, we encountered Matternet, the first drone technology that will deliver UPS packages up to 5 pounds. On October 1st, 2019, UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward Inc announced it has received the first full Part 135 Standard certification to operate a drone airline, using Matternet’s drones.We covered the announcement of Matternet and UPS partnership a few months back, and last week, the  U.S. government made […]

TomTom and Verizon To Improve Safety of Emergency Vehicles over 5G

TomTom and Verizon were exhibiting at TC Disrupt 2019 in San Francisco last week, and they announced their plans to make intersections safer for emergency vehicles using 5G.According to a NHTSA’s report (2014), each year in the U.S., there are about 6,500 accidents involving ambulances, nearly 60% of ambulance accidents and 70 % of firetruck accidents occur during the course of an emergency use.

Tesla’s Latest Acquisition Hints At Plans To Make Their Own Batteries

Companies like Apple tend to be pretty self-sufficient where they try to make everything themselves. This makes a lot of sense because it means that they won’t have to rely on others, in the event that there is a dispute, and that they can also better control the quality of their components and also get it to do what they want it to do.

Custom Horns, Movement Sounds Will Be Coming Soon To Tesla Cars

Due to the fact that electric cars rely on an electric motor, it tends to be a lot more quiet compared to regulars. While it is good for noise pollution, it’s not necessarily the safest for pedestrians who might not notice that a car could be behind them or coming around the corner, which is why more carmakers are starting to introduce fake car engine sounds to help warn people […]

NASA To Test Its First All-Electric X-plane

Now that our future involves flying taxis, NASA is set to test its first all-electric X-plane to encourage and develop certification standards for an electric aircraft.NASA’s X-57 Maxwell is now at the agency’s Armstrong Flight Research Center for testing.NASA plans to test the aircraft’s electric propulsion system to check its reliability and inform other aircraft manufacturers dealing with all-electric configurations.The X-57 is also termed as the X-57 Mod II (as […]

‘Uber Copter’ Is A Flying Taxi To Help You Travel For $200

Almost everyone is fed up with the traffic and the time it requires to commute from one place to another. For some, it might be a quick journey to work but for the rest, it involves a lot of time.What if you could travel from one point to another without any traffic and unwanted obstacles?Uber Copter is here to save you from all the hassle.  It existed before – however, […]

Florida Man Caught Cutting The Brake Lines Of Over 100 E-Scooters

E-scooters are becoming a common sight in cities around the US. Unlike bikes, they’re smaller and easier to navigate, giving commuters a quick way to get to their destination. However, the downside is that sometimes riders can be inconsiderate where both drivers and pedestrians have to keep an eye out for them as it could lead to accidents.

Bosch Wants To Use Tiny Explosions To Make Electric Cars Safer

Sometimes cars can explode and catch on fire upon an impact following an accident. While some might assume that electric cars are safer due to the fact that they don’t have a fuel tank, that’s not necessarily true because with the vehicles being outfitted with so many electrical components and the battery, fires and explosions are also a possibility.

Hyundai Hires NASA Engineer For Its Flying Car Division

Many are wondering what the future looks like in terms of transportation. Will we still be driving cars on the roads 20 years from now? Will we be flying around on personal jetpacks? That remains to be seen, but it seems that Hyundai is interested in flying cars and they are looking to bolster their division with their most recent hire.