NVIDIA Studio is a platform to provide Creative professionals with the best combination of hardware and software, from the NVIDIA GPU to the final computer product.

For prospective computer buyers, the NVIDIA Studio brand means the laptop or desktop has components (CPU, GPU, Display, Storage) that are performant enough to be considered a fantastic Creative choice at that time and price point.

That is why you will find NVIDIA Studio laptop and desktop computers and do not be surprised if monitors and more Creative peripherals join the platform at some point.

That can help non-technical but highly creative professionals navigate the purchase process and be assured of getting an excellent product.

Introduced in 2019, NVIDIA Studio requires a higher technological level of GPU technology, like the RTX ray tracing. Specifications will change over time to match the perceived needs of professionals.

On top of GPU, the NVIDIA Studio Drivers are essential to be aware of as they emphasize the performance and stability of the most popular Creative workflows and applications.

That contrasts with the classic GeForce Drivers that focus more on games performance and gaming features. Both drivers would work on compatible GPUs, but you can pick one or the other depending on your priority.

These drivers share core code, but the innovative features and performance tuning will happen in a different timeframe, hence why different driver trees exist.

NVIDIA Studio also encompasses apps such as the NVIDIA Canvas, Broadcast, and more at the application level. While these apps do not require the Studio driver, they are considered part of the Studio universe.

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