KEF Five-2 Series speakers

KEF has unveiled the new Five-2 Series speakers that are bound to capture the heart of audiophiles everywhere with its sleek design and performance specifications. The KEF Five-2 Series speakers as featured above uses a unique, patented acoustic solution that produces true 5 channel sound from just a pair of ‘racetrack’ speaker enclosures. The Five-2 Series speakers are compatible with any digital A/V home theater receiver and KEF subwoofer. It will be available when October rolls around in two configurations – Model 7 and Model 11 that retails for $1,000 and $1,800 respectively. More features are available after the jump.


• True 5.1 surround sound from two speakers enclosures and a subwoofer
• Uses latest generation Uni-Q® drivers with enhanced bass response and dynamics, and a new optimized NXT® panel design providing more “rear punch”
• Works with all AV receivers
• Slender “racetrack” shaped enclosure available in a choice of high quality finishes
• Simple hook-up
• Ideally matched with KEF’s new HTB2 Subwoofer

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