The name is Trio not Treo

CES 2007 – You might not get a Windows Mobile operating system with the IPEvo Trio, but what you get is a brand new design for a VoIP speakerphone that has never been seen before. This unique speakerphone comes with an omni-directional microphone, which means it is capable of picking up voices clearly no matter how it is placed – standing up or lying down on its side/back. With a footprint that measures a compact 3.4cm x 3.8cm, the Trio looks great from any angle. What’s even more interesting is you can pick it up and use it like any normal handset for a more private conversation. The inclusion of a recording button is neat as you can now record memos in MP3 formats on-the-fly, or even ensure that you remember what transpired during the conversation. The Trio is expected to hit retail shelves early this March for $69.99.


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