Archos Generation 5 On The Market

Portable Media Player (PMP) pioneer Archos is announcing its 5th generation of players. You might have seen the model 105 already but here are the highlights:


Archos 105: Simple Audio/Video PMP with 2GB and Organic LED (OLED) display

Archos 405: 3.5” display PMP with Personal Video Recording (PVR) capability. Can replay video on your TV. Only 2GB of flash memory. PVR requires an optional DVR station.

Archos 605: 4.3” display (800×480) PMP with PVR capability (requires optional DVR station). 30GB to 160GB hard disk + 4GB flash memory. WiFi lets user download/share content over the web/network.

Archos 705: similar to the 605, but with a 7” display (800×480)

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