Rock My Teeth with an iPod

Mike Williams’ new “Rock My Teeth” system requires an iPod to work its wonder of stripping your coffee-stained teeth of their dirt, resulting in pearly whites after prolonged use. You first need to attach peroxide-loaded whitening strips to both top and bottom teeth (they’re self-adhesive and dissolving so no worries about having plastic left over in your mouth after each treatment), followed by placing a custom mouthpiece between your teeth and hooking it up to an iPod (or other music source for that matter). Crank up the volume and see the magic work – it uses bone conduction of your jawbone to enhance the whitening process in a quick and painless manner. According to Williams, these strips will make you half a dozen shades whiter within a week. Definitely not something to be used in public but in the innermost recesses of your home. The entire kit retails for $50 and includes a mouthpiece, cable, and 50 of the whitening strips.

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