Rumor: iPhone 2 for MacWorld 2008?

People just can’t get enough iPhone rumors. Here’s the most recent one: according to smartoffice, Apple is planning an iPhone 2 for MacWorld in San Francisco. It is said that Apple is already talking to manufacturers and contractors about major hardware and software changes/upgrades aimed at non-US markets.

So here’s what we think of this:

1/ Steve jobs confirmed that iPhone 2 was in the works, but that’s like saying “we’ll do something better next time”. Not helpful.

2/ Macworld SF: This seems early to announce an iPhone 2, but “non-US markets” and “major hardware changes” might point to a CDMA device that would work in Japan and on Sprint and Verizon networks. A CDMA iPhone for January would make more sense, schedule-wise.

3/ Tthe iPhone 2 will have a GPS. GPS chips are getting so… cheap that you can find some in computer mice! The widescreen makes the device a great candidate for GPS apps. At least, they migh not get maps from Telenav, which just got bought by Nokia

4/ wireless Email sync would be very nice, but I’m dubious that Apple will support Exchange and BlackBerry Connect, although I hope that they will.

5/ “Apple is already talking to manufacturers and contractors”: well, yes that would be normal, that’s part of the overall planning, but it doesn’t mean that the iPhone 2 release is imminent.

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