Weather In Motion

Oregon Scientific is famous for their line of weather prediction devices, and the latest in a long list of them is the Weather In Motion. This device does the usual such as displaying the current time and day of the week in large digits so that even the oldest person in the house will be able to tell the time and keep track of each day. Whenever you approach the unit, the integrated motion sensor will automatically shift to a more detailed display consisting of a smaller time readout, more precise weather information and a trend indicator. Alternatively, you can always set the Weather In Motion to a continuous scrolling mode that displays different information every 5 seconds. It syncs to U.S. or European Atomic Clocks, adjusting itself for the new Daylight Savings Time standards so you have the most accurate time representation at home. The Weather In Motion retails for $65, although online retailer Oregon Gadgets is selling it below $50.


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