Avox NF-101 is way too small

Talk about tiny! Plezo’s new Avox NF-101 is one minuscule MP3 player, but it still can’t compare to the iPod Shuffle’s 27.3mm x 41.2mm x 10.5mm dimensions due to the inclusion of a display. Measuring 52mm x 33mm x 12mm, this 27.5g MP3 player comes encased in aluminum, supports A-B repeat function and allows users to adjust the playing speed – an interesting feature especially for those who are trying to pick up a new language using MP3 files. An integrated FM radio, a voice recorder and e-book compatibility rounds off the list of features. What makes the Avox NF-101 outstanding is its powerful 500mw speaker that goes to prove that it’s bark is worse than it’s bite.


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