Blinger makes it a snap to spend money

[CES 2008] Now here’s another method that makes it easier for you to spend money – the Blinger. This handheld wireless device offers a real-time, constant connection between you and your back account – all you need to do is slip your (BlingNation-enabled) credit card or ATM card behind the Blinger and you’re good to go. Not only does it connect to your bank account, it offers you the option to perform various transactions such as wiring money over to your friend as well as various account information that is readily available at the tip of your fingertips. Should you meet a friend who has another Blinger, you can always set an amount and send it to him/her by touching both your Blingers together. Blinger uses a PIN number authentication system as well as a proprietary encryption mechanism in order to keep you protected.


It will be made available to banks from this March onwards at approximately $100, whereby customers will then be charged accordingly by their respective banks. Be forewarned that there is a monthly subscription fee if you want to take advantage of the Blinger service. I’m not too sure if this idea will take off – most places these days already have a WiFi connection or you can easily log on to your online bank account to make a mobile transaction, while your credit card can be used should you require instant cash. Which niche do you think the Blinger will fit into?

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