Wattstopper Curbs Power Consumption

Wattstopper aims to minimize the use of electricity in your home so that you will be able to face up to a less shocking bill at the end of the month in addition to doing your part to keep the earth green, and it does this by introducing the Isolé IDP-3050 Plug Load Control power strip that boasts eight outlets. Two of these are standard, while the other half dozen are controlled. Each purchase comes with a “Personal Occupancy Sensor” – basically a motion detector that tells whether a person is in the room or not. Should there be no movement, all six controlled outlets will be shut off, reducing power consumption if you’re out. In addition, the six outlets won’t function if the motion detector is not attached to the unit, so choose carefully which outlet you would use to power your CPU lest you lose all your work just because you stepped out for lunch.


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