MYX-8001 Multimedia Massage Chair

Meiyaoxuan from China (where else) has developed the MYX-8001 multimedia massage chair that aims to soothe away the day’s stress, without having to incur the wrath of the missus by having a sweet young thing giving you a back rub. Not only does it feature seven different kinds of massage methods (shiatsu, kneading, knocking, tapping, knead-knoick, knead-tap, vibrating), the MYX-8001 also comes with an LCD display, a CD player and a DVD player (in a single optical drive I presume) for your entertainment needs. I wouldn’t watch a recorded football match on this though as all I want is to calm down when seated, letting the massage chair do its magic. It is also smart enough to change the speed and intensity of the massage to match the music’s frequency, while its shank part and backrest can be declined and reclined separately or together, with the former elongating and shortening. Sounds like the perfect Father’s Day gift, and this ought to cost a fair number of thousands.

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