iLive IH328B 2-CD Home Music System

iLive aims to liven up your living room with the IH328B 2-CD Home Music System. What makes this different from all the other iPod speaker docks which have been flooding the market for some time already? For starters, it comes with a motorized door that opens up to reveal a couple of CD slots, in addition to a dock for your precious iPod. Doubling up as a charger when docked, the iLive IH328B comes with a remote control for you to sit back in your lazy chair and enjoy your favorite selection of tunes without having to move about the room. Features include a Digital Clock, AM/FM radio, and Station Memory Presets. You can pick the IH328B 2-CD Home Music System for $89.58, but don’t expect the audio quality to bring the house down at a party.

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