WowWee Roborover Grows With You

[CES 2009] WowWee’s Roborover is part of its Robotics line, and is operated through a remote control with poseable arms, head and waist for that added touch of humanity (ironic, isn’t it?). This talking robot comes with some spoken content, a bunch of driving-based games to keep you entertained, infrared sensors so that he won’t bump into obstacles and fall over as well as tilt sensors that lets him know he has fallen over in order to get back up after dusting his knees. Other features of the Roborover include a “Follow Me” homing function that makes him all the more adorable – it kickstarts his exploratory nature by searching out for his user regardless of whether it is night or day. Should it get too dark, the Roborover will turn on its sensor-based LED headlights to aid in his movement.

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