NU Dolphin TOUCH Waterproof MP3 Player

There is yet another waterproof MP3 player in town – the NU Dolphin TOUCH that features guaranteed waterproof quality level that adheres to the International IPX7 certification, allowing you to swim like a fish (or in this case, a dolphin) to the tunes of your favorite pop star. We think this will come in useful for those who want to practise synchronized swimming, and will also work great for surfers, snorkelers, fishermen and anyone else who leads a challenging outdoor lifestyle. What makes the NU Dolphin TOUCH so special? It is the first of its kind in the world with a curved touchpad, featuring 4GB of internal flash memory and an integrated FM tuner. Standard accessories that come with each purchase include a pair of waterproof earphones, USB cable, clip, fastening bands, armband, cleaning cloth and the relevant disc. No idea on pricin though.


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